Event for New Players and Vets help Eachother!

Who of you is not Tired of Threads like This:

  • Game is to Hard pls Nerf!
  • Game is not Hard enough pls buff
  • I bought today a New Keyboard why does Urnil still kill me?

So what could we do as player to Help each other?

My plan is simple!
I gonna do a event this Sunday from 2pm til 10pm CET
where i gonna do dungeons/guardians with Casual players!
Where i explain mechanics and do it really slow with them ( i also stream it on Twitch so even if you cant join one of the partys you still get all the informations ) even if i think everyone will get the chance to join and its not becomming that big!
If it works good we can do this weekly or so!

I play myself on central europe, if some veterans wanna help with this event let me know! Also from other Regions. For veterans we gonna have a Short briefing around 1:30 pm so we can make sure everyone understands how we handle this

What we offer/requierements

Friendly ppl
Knoweldge sharing
Chill explanations also simple mechanics and tips for your class
No flamer we do this for the community not for progress
We let you learn the mechanics and strats and don’t oneshot bosses and carry you trough!

After this sessions you can make yourself a better opinion if those boss fights are really to hard now or you maybe gonna learn abit more and gonna fight against argos this month hopefully!

Again as a reminder we wanna help new player so even if You just installed lost ark on your toaster and you reach somehow lvl 50 you are more than welcome to participate.

Pls also tell us if you wanna join for this and more important make commands here how you find the idea, first to reach more ppl that wanna participate and also of course bcs your opinion matters! its for the Community


up so more ppl will see it changed the post abit to make it easyer to read :slight_smile: