Event Guardian needs an "old fart" mode!

This is not a rant but rather a public humiliation of my absent mindedness

Twice now i have done the event and forgotten to loot the darn chest
I killed everything and patted myself on the back, then i needed to do something for my wife and when i sit back down i forget i havent looted the chest and proceed to click out twice and move on
Funny though as soon as i click the second confirmation it dawns on me i didnt loot the chest
It sucks getting older and dont let anyone tell you any different (great line from Danny devito in Jumanji for reference

Can we have auto loot so idiots like me dont get scammed by ourselves!!


Honestly, if abyss dungeons and cubes and boss rush and chaos dungeons do this, why in the world do Guardian raids not do it lol.


Agreed. This is not even an age problem. It happens to me and my friends too.

Don’t understand why guardian is the only place where we need to opt in to get loots.

The bonus chest in Abyssal, I kind of understand because you have to pay gold to get it but even this probably could be improved.

I don’t have many complaints about the game, but this is poorly designed.

it should be an option to select auto-loot at the beginning of the raid to prevent this, the same way you can choose to harvest the soul or not for that guardian! would be great to avoid these occasional mistakes

Doesn’t the event guardian raid have the same thing as guardian raid? before you press leave at the top left, it gives you a pop up box saying, DONT LEAVE IF U HAVENT LOOTED THE REWARDS

I know they added that in for guardian raids because people were forgetting and losing their soul orb forever lol

yea thats right but if you finish raid and go afk for 15mins you get “kicked” without loot

They do have the second warning, but if you read my first post you will see i finished the raid, had to leave the pc to do something for my wife, came back and forgot i hadnt looted and clicked the 2 screens in rapid succession to leave the raid
On clicking the second warning i realised i hadnt looted, but its too late

I wasnt moaning or anything, just putting it out there as a rant at myself for being forgetfull

They show this message even if there is no loot anymore and you took everything. My first few raids I walked around the whole map looking if it dropped a chest before because of doing enough damage or so haha because of this message.

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