Event Guardian Raid CHEST NO DROP

New Raid No Loot Drop

Done the New Raid. Finished Cleared Opened Chest. Proceeded to Song of Escape to check inventory and nothing appeared in my inventory. Not in Universal/ Pet/ Mail Storage.

Edit: Wanted to add that i did get the Coins tho.

I have the same problem and its not like i missed it beacause i did it 3 times already
It simply doesnt drop !!!

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Alright So I am not alone. Thought it would be a ME problem

JUST happened to me as well. Ugh…

Happened to me as well a moment ago on my alt. The chest didn’t appear next to the final guardian. Ran around the map looking for it and it wasn’t anywhere. There was also nothing on the minimap to confirm that.

So annoying when you spend so much time doing the event only to get screwed.


Same happened to me as well. Try 3 times to do the event and each time i didn’t get a chest … Is there a modo who can do something please ?