Event honing books mistakenly labeled as T3

All books from the event vendor say “Item Tier 3”, which is very misleading and might cause people to buy the wrong ones, since there’s nothing else on the item that says which tier it refers to, unless you memorize set item names.

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yep can confirm , grand prix event vendor books have the wrong tier tags -
this should be T1 instead of T3


and those should be t2 instead of T3

would be nice if you can fix it as soon as possible otherwise people getting mad.

Oh… here I was thinking I had made the mistake to use 2 T3 books on a T1 alt…
So they’re actually mislabeled? That would make much more sense than being able to use T3 books on T1 items haha

Yes, you can only check it when buying it based on the item level requirements.
Or know the names by memory…

Should definitely correspond with correct Tier as this is extremely confusing