Event honing rewards question

Does anyone know where/how to use the following items (my gear is 8-9 but they do not appear in the honing system)?
5x[[Event] Tailoring: Basic Design]
5x [[Event] Tailoring: Basic Knots]

They appear on the right hand side on the gear honing screen after you have upgraded the gear

There’s different Tiers of books as well so make sure you buy the ones for your current Tier

they are T3 but i can only use [[Event] Tailoring: Basic Mending]not the rest, any idea why?

Basic Knots and Basic Design is not Tier 3. It’s Tier 2.
The tooltip of the honing books says for which items they can be used. If it’s not on the list you can’t use the book for it.

Maybe you’re not in T3? What’s your ilvl

i have a question for you, do you have 1370+? because it only work with 1302 before argos, not with hard punika abyss or argos set

i’m at 1340 currently