Event Love Delivery Bug

Noticed yesterday after completing the una once on one character its stayed greyed out, like pictured, for every single character I have. Even after restarting, so I decided to check today. Logged in haven’t done a single una and its still greyed out so I can’t progress it further.

Hi there @Bayo,

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums Community! We’re so sorry this is happening. We will create a bug report for you. Thanks for including the screenshot for further troubleshooting.

In the “Added to Favorites” tab, click on it and click “Available Requests - Continent” or “Available Requests - All” and scroll through the pages. You will find a new event quest that is a sequel to this event daily, which is called “[Event] Candy Decor”. This is the quest followed by doing 9x daily of “Love Delivery”.

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Thanks for your help, @lmaoReaperfloorPOVs!

Exactly this. Also don’t forget to go the “Reputation Status” tab and claim the reputation rewards for this Una. They’re juicyyy :stuck_out_tongue: