Event times uses mix of local/server/24-hour/AMPM


Some background: I play this game very casually. I have around 320 hours and one character, just got to Punika. I think the collection aspect is really fun and I don’t stress or get frustrated at all with my slow pace.

What does get me frustrated is the totally different timers for the same event and the confusion this brings.

Right now I want to get to Shangra because I have some stuff to do there

So first I have a look at the map and for some reason it shows me all the times, but in AM/PM, though the times are correct in relation to my time zone. So map uses AM/PM and follow my local timezone.

Then I have a look at the calendar and now it’s stated in 24-hour (my preferred) that it starts at 22:00 but the timer says 3 hours 40 minutes left, which is not at 22:00 but rather at 00:00. So this calendar seems to use 24-hour but follow the server time zone.

I mean this cannot be that hard to fix right? I’ve seen several “fixes” in the patch notes the last couple of updates but it hasn’t been any clearer.