Event Tokens/Coins

I believe the 2 events we have right now end on April 14th reset. So I was wondering will we have the vendor available for 1 last purchase after Thursday reset? I see the Coins and Tokens expire on 4/21 and 4/28 so was hoping we get 1 more use out of them.


Hopefully the vendor stays permanently, pretty sure ive got enough coins to buy for another 5 weeks :rofl:

55k and counting!

It’d be odd if the vendor went away on Thursday despite the coins saying April 21st. Would defeat the entire point of them changing their expiry date to the 21st from the 14th if you couldn’t even use them after Wednesday.

Probably event vendors will be there, but you cant drop coins after 14. :thinking: But we really need some more info about this, not day before patch tho.

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