{EVENT} Tome of Enhancement: Armor Books not useable

These +20% honing chance increase books can no longer be selected after this weeks maintenance/patch. It’s been brought up by others and zero communication in the last few days. Many people, myself included are waiting to use these as they expire at the end of the month.

Yes, I’ve tried the standard cut copy paste “solutions” you provide and nothing works. This only happened AFTER the patch.

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As Community Manager Roxx mentions in this other post regarding the same issue, the team is aware of it and it’s likely getting fixed after the next weekly maintenance:

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The Tome of Enhancement: Armor Books are still not useable for honing. Logged on to my 1400 Scrapper right now and trying to upgrade a level 12 to level 13 piece of gear…no +20% book is selectable even though I have 15 in my Roster storage. I guess it wasn’t fixed with this weeks update.

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I’m sorry for the issue regarding the Honing Books.

I would like to assure you that the expiry time for the books will be extended to make up for the time that the issue is affecting the players.

Please find the post by our Community Manager @Roxx which mentions the same thing.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

I have the same issue, 1400+ scrapper, cant upgrade using the books (and i have preordained and chosen armor and both types of armor cant be honed with the books)…

Hello @Havok585,

Thank you for following up on this post. Please note this is a known issue and currently being looked into. Do keep an eye on our Official News Forum as well as our main site for possible updates.

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