Events contribution as support

I don’t know how the contribution works for events such as field boss or ghost ship but I’m guessing it requires some dps threshold probably as a percentage of damage.As DPS get more and more stuff they deal more and more damage and supports can’t keep up.

The issue is that even if as a support (1467) I was fighting since the beginning, when I’m not in a group with DPS, sometimes I don’t meet the requirements for the contribution. It happened to me twice recently (one time on thunderwings and one time on the ghost ship 1415).

The problem is that it consumes your daily/weekly “entry” anyway without giving you any loot and you can’t try it again (I mean you can go and fight again but you won’t have any reward anyway.

I’m aware it’s an MMO and I have the opportunity to play with other people and form a group but sometimes you just want to chill alone and the game gives me the opportunity to do so . Having to be in a group in order to get rewards on content available alone shouldn’t be a thing.


If you don’t meet the requirement to get the rewards of such daily/weekly compass events it shouldn’t consume your reward eligibility.

Like all content, you should party up where possible. Thunderwings dies almost instantly now and sometimes the same with ghost ship.
If you don’t want to group, I suggest you make a separate dps build for your support. Contrary to what people might say, support classes can do good damage.