Every day, Every hour - Disconnect


This just happens way to much, to the point that they say they will fix it, just never happens. I am surprised with the amount of updates that are released and the amount of disconnects that they probably don’t even know what causes the issue in the first place and a lot of it is just guess work to try and fix it. Quite disappointed.

This is a connection issue of you to the server. Have you checked if you are dropping packets when this happens? depending how common this is you can do something like

  • Open cmd
  • type “ping www.google.com -t -l 1” without the quotes
  • When you get a drop check to see if your latency has increased or connection has even dropped

I use this when having connection issues to see if it is me or not. if you get timeouts or high latency it is usually your end.

Hello @GeGeek hope you’re doing great.

I’m sincerely sorry for this issue with your unstable connection to the server. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have.

Please let me know if you have tried the steps in this link, if you’ve and the issue persists, don’t doubt contacting us to escalate the situation.

And @Krutuz thank you so much for the information!

Hope it’s helpful, have a great day and see you on Arkesia!

I can confirm this too. Disconnected from NAE Una server twice in the last hour out of the blue. Never happened before last patch.