Every loadscreen today crashed on lost ark

Unable to play lost ark today had to delete game and reinstall it which is currently happing now and i miss gold island which is a huge downer haha but maybe it wasnt a issue my side ? Any one else having loadscreen crashes? Its always the same marl on loading blue bar just before it hits half way… this has happend almost a dozen times untill ive gave up and unistalled and empty folder etc

Yup. I’ve posted a few times about this, but nothing from Devs/CMs.

It’s been happening for over a week. Sometimes my first character doesn’t even get logged in because the game freezes on the loading screen. I thought I had fixed it by setting LA to run as admin, but it just happened again - hence my reply.

This shit is actually so frustrating because it takes 6 minutes for the game to load. One game crash and its a 10 minute ordeal. 3 crashes in one hour? Fuck it. I’ll go spend my time/money on other things.