Every new patch/roadmap

If they were more upfront about things people would generally be more accepting of it but 99% of the things are seen in patch notes first and experienced first rather than being announced which is where the problem lies. Or they say one thing and then another thing happens.

Communication hasn’t improved one bit since day 1 and at this point it never will.
CM’s post in a thread about something and hardly ever it seems re-visit it with updates or to further the discussion.

if they communicated better it wouldn’t be a surprise to people, look at this weeks patch note it was all MORE limits on gold and last week was pretty much the same and yet the crashes/black screens and EAC issues still persist with no update or fix in sight


In case this isn’t a troll post:

Argos did release too early and with too short of a notice. That also doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have put scouter for August.

I’m not sure if anyone actually said that

They could put the legendary skins as a direct buy for $99.99 in the shop tomorrow. The problem was mostly the gambling part, not the “too expensive” part

Also not sure if anyone actually said that, considering we all knew the honing buffs were coming from the accidentally leaked patch notes

They weren’t doing anything not that long ago, and normal players shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of anti-bot stuff either. Hell, they could’ve kept the state the game was in before they introduced the 3 day hold thing and it would’ve been fine/better


Sexist much??


didnt watch the video. but youre so right. thats what i always say. no matter what, people going to complain.

hello i am lostarkgamer from lost ark forum. Sorry for my bad england. I selled my wife for rmt for hone to “1415” and i want to become the goodest player like you i play with 400 players on euw server and i am top 10 honed. pls no copy pasterino my story.

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Who asked about a Korean FFXIV players opinion?


Not a troll post, all of the complaints listed are 100% threads that have been made

I dont disagree about the class release, the point of this one was people complaining about clown not releasing in August, which they 100% do complain about, which there would 100% be multiple threads about it being too early if they did.


If it were in the shop, for 100 bucks, there would 100% be multiple complaints about it being P2W. The best they could do would be to make them epic skins and throw them in the shop.


Each reset you’d see the player count drop significantly for the first few days, lots of bans, bots would just come right back. So maybe it just wasnt effective enough for the players, but to argue nothing was being done?

And if they didnt do the 3 day hold restrictions we would all just flop from “They fucked up by punishing players” back to “They arent doing anything”



Most of these people just crying for no better reason just to release their frustration so it’s not like they need a good and valid background. Just assume that no matter what AGS/SG will do there always will be posts made by trolls/weird people crying about how they ruined the game and how it’s going to die now.

I feel like Argos released to early… i was still t2 when argos released! On legion raids i was always at the required ilvl to do NM. Now i am sitting at 1460 and i focus on my alts (the reason I haven’t reached 1470+). Back then it was hard to get out of t2 and it also was a hell from 1340-1370! Dont compare old content with new content… back then, if i remember correctly only a small percent of players could do Argos. Now most of the players can do legion raids!
I will agree with ‘People will always complain’ but that’s how life is… you cant make everyone happy!
I also wanted honing buffs like few months ago, but they released them after i already made 5 characters t3… yes, those buffs are supposed to help the new players and not me. Those only help new players to play oreha hard and yoho with rainbow stats! What’s the point having high ilvl if you dont know the basic of the game?

That’s true tho… a friend of mine is 1460, same as me, and he has only 2 alts (1370 and 1390 both with the free passes and both with express event). It took me ages to get out of t2 and now with the current state of the game he can create 3 characters and casually make them t3 in less than a month!
But it’s not like i care that much… the issues for me are the rainbow stats, the poor engravings and the 0 gems at 1370!

About the yoz jar, personally i dont care about those skins… it’s not like they were swimsuit skin anyways… and i dont know if people asked for it to be removed… i think people asked only for adjustments!

Sheet dude imagine different people want different thing :joy:

I don’t see this as sexist? And I’m a lady myself.

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I’m one too, i found it sexist bc why drop a comment like this at all? Why generalize women? Why attach a bad opinion on women? Why imply that men aren’t indecisive? Why imply that women are less so? This kind of comment is loaded and it might be harmless, and the op might not have deeper intentions, but nonetheless it affects the morale.

Your life must be so sad…
I suggest you get out of the internet for a while if anything here affects you, and I’m not even joking. Take care of your mental health.

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Hello everyone, I wanted to talk about gold traders!! Tell me my mistake Proof that what you are talking about is bullshit

I mean, who even r u? LOL

Holyy! One of those :clown_face:


EHHHHHHH because its been proven to be TRUE in so many cases? maybe thats why??, get to learn life a bit better maybe?.

Most of these issues wouldn’t be issues if these morons got it right the first time.

  • Argos released too early
  • No content dead game

Would’ve been solved if we got the t3 deadzone fix like korean players siad we should’ve.

  • SH honing buff? KR got their 1460 buff with Vykas
  • They’re just giving win-more mechanics to hardcore players/whales

Again, honing buff fixes should’ve been in at the start to ease all the millions planing. Faster progress would’ve meant more people hitting vykas and argos in time for release with zero P2W issues, they could’ve instead had a few dozen skins to roll out for monetization and that would’ve helped further with retention.

  • Yoz jar is P2W
  • Where are my legendary skins???

remove yoz jar, make the skins buyable with blue crystals and gold, but more expensive, retain p2w and f2p at the same time, no fucking brainer

  • Surprise global honing buff
  • Now they’re invalidating all the hard work us hardcore players put into the game

Again wouldn’t have been an issue if we all started with the buffs from the word go

  • “They arent doing anything to combat bots and RMT”
  • The things they did to combat bots and RMT affect me in some way

All on them, they should’ve had anti-bot measures in place or a competent local team in place to handle the problem since this would’ve been obvious from the start that bots would be an issue.

90% of all the major issues plaguing the game could’ve been solved with common fucking sense and a proper game plan, but they fucked it up for almost a year. If I were in charge I’dve fired everyone top to bottom and gotten competent people in here since nobody seems to know what they’re doing or how to handle this game, it’s pathetic from a company like Amazon.

Gotta stop acting like the community is a single great big hive mind with highly hypocritical thinking.