Every other region blocks VPN. Why can't AGS? Where do we draw the line?

KR, Russia, Japan, all these versions will ban your account if it detects a VPN. You guys wanted us to be more in like to KR, NOW WE ARE. Lets celebrate the synchronization instead of complain!


Im with you on this. Every measure that impedes bots should be implemented


They should have had this in the beginning. But regardless if you need a vpn to play on your server, your on the wrong server.

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uh ? i played for a good time on .ru servers before EU release, and that was not with an exotic vpn. and a lot of people did for years, they knew it very well, didn’t saw any banning.

Put OCE server, add region transfer (itll fix euw dying too, but thats another issue), and there will be much less complain.

Kinda insane how oce can play the game, but theres no server there so you get 200+ ms…

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Will it reduce/kill Bots? If so, wtf people are talking about? Let’s celebrate it :heart_eyes:

Anyway, after create a few posts agains bots here in the forum. I can see that a bunch of people here are bot advocates. They don’t care if the game has bots. Actually they love it, since the economy for some magic reason for them is benefited :man_facepalming:

How is this gamefeedback, also I want the braincells I lost reading this thread back.

Tinga doesn’t care about people affected, he just wants to prove his point here, nothing to see, carry on. If people want to speak up, they should, just like he did.