Every Player-Positive "Mistake" Instantly Fixed, yet D/Cs Still Aren't Fully Fixed After 3+ Months

Title. Last time with the Pheon incident, you can say it was a short window and “unfair” to those that didn’t catch it and take everything away. This time, everyone had an entire day, and it was not “free,” each chest cost players Gold, and for the first time it was a positive change which allowed people to either prepare for Artist, or push one character fast, on Anniversary of all things, but I guess any event that deviates for the better for the players with any potential, even minuscule effect on funding the in-game RMTing needs to be walked back immediately regardless of the PR and reputation damage.


we need a madlad to go to their office and do a reality check on em

Maybe the mistake was making those gold event tokens too rare COPIUM

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The diff is that disconect is a tech issue frog is not

1 take 5 min to fix the other not

Read: 3+ Months

D/Cs may not be an “easy” fix but 3+ months is unacceptable by any metric. AGS and Smilegate are not indie publishers/developers.


Mordekaiser before his rework had 128 bug and multiple game breaking bug for multiple year and those bug never got fix riot game is not an indie company

A bug that affected one of over one-hundred champions which has a 3.4% pick-rate after rework and sub 1% pick-rate in his original incarnation versus a bug that affects potentially every player in the game and brick people out of their weekly lock-outs as a result of an anti-cheat tacked on which exists video evidence of it failing to stop cheaters regardless.

Not sure if you are purposely trying to use a false equivalence fallacy or actually don’t understand this extremely fundamental difference.


It’s also pretty dumb, “This company does something that I see as worse, so Amazon can get a pass on that one”
Didn’t know being the second worst was acceptable for the LA community.

Frog is hardly “fixed” You can still purchase Roster Bound chests, that upon purchase you see they cant be opened nor stored.

your point is ???

That it is not fixed.

so out of topic then