Every released class come with powerpass?

Hey, with every class release we will get powerpass ? I want to know if to save power pass to scouter ? Or if reaper will come out we will get another one cuz if we get only 1 I prefer to save it to scouter if we get with every class so I want to use for scouter and reaper.
Please give us abit detail about powerPass so we don’t waste them . Thanks for answer @Roxx

Nothing planned.
nothing announced.


Wil it even matter if they you can’t login for over 4 hours everyday because they can not/will not deal with the bots in a long lasting manner?

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Anoy they delay our progres cuz I don’t know if to use it or keep waiting for class I want .
I will waste 2 months that I can climbing in this time this game start be waste of time - and ppl said this game respect your time

Tbh as long I don’t have queue I am
Kinda ok, it’s still anoy but at least I can play and not wait 3h to log in so this is progress