Every time i inspect a pally


wait pally players use gems ?

More like: “I made a support so i my alt dont get gatekept”

Off topic but I just got 7/7 on the first try :o

that 4 negative though :[


exact reason why im going to have 3 1460 supports. 0 investment just gold slaves.

sad reality of playing in NA/EU

mine has level 6 level 7s and thats it
i don’t need cds on the 2 counters that i don’t press eitherway except when needed

maybe you should consider gatekeeping them? dunno but you’d still accept them so why even bother complaining

im mostly advocating for people gatekeeping supps of people who clearly dont care, stuff like no or very low gems, rainbow stats, not 3x3 at the very least etc, from my own experience with this supports they dont even bother learning the class and either spam everything off cd while missing meter gens and taking forever to use aura or heal/buff in bard

“huh, I have a pally, I’m sure it doesn’t look too bad…”

…well this is awkward…

if you gatekeep a support half of your party will leave cuz they dont want to wait another hour. if you are fine with sitting hours in queue you can def gatekeep support.

nah man, geared supports exist and it doesnt take that long to find some, if we start gatekeeping bad supports there wont be any other choice than to gear them, just like what happens with dps

So true kek
unless it’s my pally

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i’ve got scared it was me :grin:

if the job of a paladin which is give shields, give atk power and give atk speed and counter when necessary… then what u complaining about?

You mad cuz you thought making 6 dps classes and then getting rekt cuz ur broke with no gold or silver left was a great idea. Or that you were a chump for going 5x3 on 6 dps classes and you jelous some ppl were smart enough not to do that.

Be happy at least ppl are willing to play support. And yes it is cheaper to have support alts or would you rather wait in lobby 2h for a support main to show? Chump

Pretty dumb idea to roll support if gold slave was what you were going for.

if we are talking about clown and brel i guess i can get it XD
for Valtan and Vykas? Debatable.

My pally doesn’t even get to have gems or a stone. I only use him for Chaos dungeon and boss rush though. Otherwise, it’s just taking up space that could be used for a different character.

Meanwhile my Pally here’s been wearing the same thing since Argos:

I should probably update the gems since he’s made me so much Gold already in “easy entry” runs.

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Lol I’ve been clearing 1500 content Brel 1-4 (5-6) with my 4/3 legendary gear Paladin and Bard.

Unless we are talking about that big transition @ 1550ish I’d say it is worth making a cheapo Support.

Yeah I made soo much gold with my cheapo supports. Imma make more when Artist comes out. Just can’t decide what to delete lol

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