Everybody Calm Down, Lost Ark is #1

With the fix to Chaos Dungeon botting, Vykas coming in 2.5 weeks and the release of the much anticipated Arcanist, numbers are through the roof.

Lost Ark back to #1! We may soon hit back 1 million concurrent players in 2 more weeks when Vykas releases as we seem to be gaining 100k players a week.


All these players who aren’t getting their classes stating Lost Ark is dead, but all I see are numbers and they indicate success.

140 channels doing world boss 1460 any time of the day.


nough said…


Sadly, the numbers aren’t wholly accurate, due to the bots… HOWEVER…
It is by no means a dead game. The people on this forum only equate to a small percentage of the player base, as the true gamers are IN the game, grinding lmao.

HOLY SHIT that’s hilariously insane.


Now remove the Bots, and it is Nr.6!

If at all…

I thought the true lost ark gamers are here, insecurely feeling the need to tell us how the game is not dead constantly.


Again, you guys showing the same pics over and over lol

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I mean #6 is not bad at all

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Best picture !

It’s seems like a glitch that make every frame of moving appear to the screen :rofl:

Lost Ark to the moon babe ! :chart_with_upwards_trend: :new_moon:

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SG recently just used the numbers to advertise the game as the No.1 on Steam.

They exactly know how to use those inflated bot numbers for their PR.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

At least the when they go to their investors, they can point to the numbers & promote how many ‘active accounts’ they have.


I can record a live bot video for you? There are hundreds of bot players on Luterra, Vern, Anikka and Arthetine. In short, bots are everywhere.

Smilegate and amazon knight are here. xd


If the game was all bots, why would there even be bots. There has to be sufficient amount of players buying gold in order for them to put so much resources into botting.

lol, can you imagine investors looking at the bots? “so…are we still making a lot of money?” “Yes.” “…nice.”


bro, you know that the bots are still here, right? the change to chaos dungeon reward structure likely does not reduce the number of bots whatsoever, it merely re-directs them to other activities…

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Did i said that there are no bots in the game? cuz i never said it lol i can see them with my own eyes.

That wasn’t the goal of that “change”, the goal was reducing the gold income of the bots.

So many fresh new faces. Just wait until LA breaks a million “players”

(Btw that is Sunny at the top of the hill, not Will Smith)


So, you want to tell me that Will Smith is running those bots?

Fair enough.

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