Everybody wants a Nerf

I read the Forum and i See everywere Nerf this Boss Nerf that Tower stage, pls don’t do that the Game should stay rewarding and in some Points hard.The hard parts dont have to Change the people have to Change when they cannot Beat them its a MMorpg so you can outgear the Bosses stages Not everyone hast the ability to clear them on gearpoint Like Valtan why does people think they have to kill him on 1385 i Had enough Mats to Push to 1400 but i dont have done It because i wanted them as hard as possible so i Had 5 trys and then i Killed him solo 18,5min and he gives Not much more Mats then the fox.When you have to Nerf them then pls to 2 modes normal and hard.

I think you mean Velganos


They are just baby.
Even playing a game act like a baby. How about their real life?

For me it looks like you just wanted to brag about how you could kill velganos without overgearing and how „cool“ that is. everything else looks like l just an excuse to talk about it. Next time, maybe keep it simple and dont talk about yourself, then it may be more convincing


who is “everybody” for u? … here are just a bunch of people who actually want a nerv at all.
doesnt mean everybody want something

Hey there i get it that Velganos is doable but it is still just a guardian which is a daily content.
I mean people have to make them with 3-4 alt. This content is not supposed to take 20 minutes.
I’m playing striker and i’m clearly overgear (1405) for Velganos but it still take 10 min every try.

Velganos is a daily content so i can get it that people are not happy about how hard is it without training. I mean i needed to make 5 run before killing it. Now I don’t have any issue to kill it still take about 10 min when you perfectly know the boss that seems wrong to me.

I don’t know if the guardian still have the +50% hp buff people where talking during the early day of LA this buff was something on top and doesn’t exist in KR/RU but if it’s still there they should remove it. A chaos take around 5 min to clear it and a guardian should take the same time if you know the boss.

The rewards for Velganos are pretty close to Nightfox. If you are running it just for the rewards, the Nightfox is much more eficient. The same would happen if you were at tier 1 or 2 and approaching Tiltalos or Acathes if you think about difficulty progression through tiers

When I was doing towers and guardians with my Gunlancer I was exactly the same - why this needs a nerf? It was a joke already.

Then I switched to Paladin and Bard, and oh my god some of the fights are near impossible if you are not Tier above the challenge.

What I’m trying to say here… difficulty depends on your chosen class. And while most of the content can be done in party, Tower i.e. cannot - and believe me, doing it as Bard or Paladin… it hurts compared to any DPS.

Agree with tower, im a noob and cant get over floor 23 on my sorc. I dont wanna waste more hours trying so i just abandon it. Same goes for Abyssal Dungeon. I havent done any of them, and i never will. These are to difficult for me, to many odd mechanics i cant remeber in my head when doing them. So this content i also skipped. I dont complain i just skip it.

If i should be 100% honest skipping it is bad, and should be doable for all. But the game is how it is I just work around it. There are content i miss, but i have fun with what I do. If others do the same as me then, i can imagine it hurt the game in the long run when not enough players get to the actual endgame.

I will never be able to do the hardest parts of the game as mentioned, and so be it. I dont ask for nerf. I think its bad yes, but the game is made this way, and so be it.

My gear is from Chaos dungeon alone, and I dont get the sets and so on. That also hurt my damage. But thats how it is. I dont see myself play this game for years, i´m allready beginning to get bored in the game because it lags in more casual content other than collecting stuff.
So for me its a fun ride that dosnt last forever.

Problem with LA is that if you skip those, you lose essential stuff - like Skill Points (Tower) or Gold / Gear sets - something you can’t buy or farm otherwise.

If the only thing there were few engravings, mats, maybe some Repp chests and cards - it would be OK. But as it stands it is too impactful to just ‘skip’ it :confused:

Yea but thats the only solution for me, so I may just miss those things. But to be honest im already beginning to burn out of the game, its boring nothing to do when completet all islands and many of the collectibles. There are the daylie hour of things and thats it.
I wish half of the content wasnt hided behind a bad rng ticket system you barely get into.
Even the guild vendor just gives me silver. The game could have so much more to do, but 90% of the game is just limitations all over the place.
The best time in the game is the one hour daylie.
I just level alt´s now normal to have something to do. Havent used a powerpass yet.
I cant see myself play this game in 6 month, there is simply not enough to do daylie.