Everyone I know quit

All my friends have left the game because cheating is so rampant. My friends play legitimately And realized that even if they p2w they will get passed up by botters and gold buyers. This toxic FOMO branding has lead people to mass cheating and botting. Im the only one left and I’m starting to think what is the point of playing when cheaters will ruin all of the natural progression of the game.




All my Friends left too, you are not only one. Thats life…
One of them didnt handle pressure to swipe at 1350-1370.
Rest got enought of gold buyers in guild. PPL bought 3ml gold and still not baned for 3 months.




You’re not wrong. I only have 2 friends remaining that still play, and one talks about retiring Lost Ark quite often.

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Then is matter of time before he quits.


i mean the people that have the infrastructure to move millions of gold aren’t playing the game they are making it a business and i hardly doubt joe has the hardware to run enough bots to be a threat to a whale.

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Then is a matter of time before I follow. Sometimes I believe Lost Ark is an MMORPG for solo players, not for groups of friends. So many systems alienate you from friends.


MMM those system " once per week, per character" are bit bad. You cant help friends since you are locked up…
Ark made me thinking, im to old for MMO by now i think.


And? There are f2p people out there already reach 1445. Also why are you blame FOMO on other people? Can’t you take responsible for your own thought?


Wow 1445? Omg such amazing. Bots have 6x1490 already. Lol 1445. Like you achieved something.


But you don’t need to swipe 1350-1370 lol, plenty of people incl myself just grinded (missing day 1 argos by 5 ilvl did suck though).

Some people just aren’t cut out for it. If they’re the same ones complaining about 1340-1370 dead zone, when they’ve had events and added avenues to help them, they’ll quit sooner rather than later. It only gets to be more of a grind.

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They left before those " events" that amazon did to save their face. You know not everyone has hair on their eyes, and can see petterns to presure some actions on ppl.
NO actions with Gold buyers is not helping, you need to point fingers and send amazon screenshots, they still wont ban them.

I didnt quit only cuz i was lucky at upgrade, only 257 fails till 1400.


i dont know someone who quited, but i dont know anyway someone. lol.

And? Why are you so obssesed with bots. Come on.

There are ppl that as meme say " f2p" but at night when they sleep. Bot macro runs and does infinie Chaos… but yea " f2p btw"

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My friend, who has been using chaos bot since day one, is now 1470 ilvl. As a legit player, I didn’t use bots, I just farmed alt chars(12 alt char) and I have 1420 ilvl. If a player has used bots from day 1, it is more profitable than rmt.


Yep, much more profitable long term too…

sometimes that happens, the game isnt for everyone, go make some friends who play and enjoy the game. Join a guild, make some new friends in game and enjoy the game.

Many Korean streamers said that we have so far the "bad"version of lost ark, and the good one will come later. Same problem was in KR with this version where there is not much endgame content if you dont want to do horzintal stuff. But same is in any other MMO. You do weekly , daily and thats it.

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