Everyone I know quit

This is pretty normal for all MMO’s.

Also, we’re currently playing on the worst version of the game. It starts getting better by giant leaps with our upcoming update on the 19th.

In the meantime I suggest finding a new guild with active members; are you in the official discord? If not I suggest joining. There are guild recruitment channels there.

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Sadly bots wont go away any time soon. If its a deal break, better cut losses now

Its sad to hear someone play the game to challenge other players progression.
Usually people looking for friends, build constant parties and guilds to face challenges together and having fun.
To be honest is sounds like someone to kill himself/herself only coz someone else makes more money.
Somehow does not sounds reasonable. I suggest you to bind together and having fun ignoring others progression.


let me guess they never made it to t3


You should follow them instead of posting.


Funny. Here’s why my friends quit:

  1. Amazon not releasing the game as it is in KR and holding back content and essential ways to get to T3, all for the sake of money.
  2. Amazon “woking” the game up by changing the colors of NPCs and disallowing some of the more revealing skins.
  3. Amazon blocking VPNs/Exit Lag so that they are stuck with shit pings to the game, yet there are literally 100s of thousands of bots everywhere. The change did absolutely nothing to botters, but it fucked them over on game play.
  4. The grind: it sucks and isn’t for everyone but they might have done it if the game wasn’t so gimped and content wasn’t so cut on the NA release.

My guild has pretty much me and one really casual guy playing and we were full to the limit the first month the game was out. They all hate logging in, or can’t because of the VPN block.

GG Amazon.


Botting and RMT aside (which is a massive issue), people quitting a new game is normal especially in MMOS. Get a big group of friends and start any new expansion in WOW, FFIXIV, etc or an arpg like D3 or POE. Withing the first month most will quit, 3 months the majority will (for an arpg season make it 1-2 weeks).

There will always be something that causes people to leave, or even life itself.


Do you know a good thing from MMMORPG’s? You can make new friends as soon as you change your guild lol.

I also didn’t login today for the first time since release.
I just couldn’t make myself to do another Chaos Dungeon and/or Guardian Raid. Not even on full rested bar, makes it any more bearable.

I really like the weekly abyss content, I really do, and I enjoy them a lot. but daily grind is just too boring for me to continue.


That’s your own fault for making 13452 characters and expecting not getting burnt out.

Yep its totaly his foult, game " forces " you to make them or you will stay ar behind friends or guild. Game totaly not pushing you to RMT or swiping.
ITs totaly his foult.
Had my guild Disband couple of days before, cuz some ppl ware so hardcore they bought 3ml rmt gold and blamed others for not pushing. WHERE ARE BANS AMAZON?


Game don’t force you into anything. It’s your FOMO issue and lisening folks than are getting payed for playing (streamers). You can be at high ilvl with 1 alt in this game.

RMT exisists in every game online and whales too. Who cares?

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Yes Blame everyone arround not systems in game.
IF nothing will change this game WILL slowly die out, i see 0 new players on Neria, only bots.
And lest get one thing im 1430 by now, with 6 alts and not f2p + i was insanly lucky at honing with only 250+ fails at 1400.
I cant see normal player get there without rmt now.


i quit too

adding some raid that majority of players cant even enter doesnt make the game better in any way lmfao


all of my rl friends quit and every single guild im in is dead. almost noone logs in anymore. Ive hopped through a few guilds and its the same story in every single one of them. This game is essentially on life support right now with no updates announced that i can see retaining players. So what if they add a raid. Thats one and done for the week. They need actual community content that gets people staying in the game playing(think gold saucer/ff14 or darkmoon fair/wow)


? Please, elaborate.

Dailies are the core of the game and Lost Ark is fully developed around that. If you don’t like daily stuff the game isn’t for you. Everyone have differents tastes. If you don’t like it move on to something else.

In regards to progression without an army of alts: Took me 1 month from 1400 to 1445 (Updated with FAQ)

You’re just the sheep who followed the average streamer advice of making 6+ characters. The game don’t told that you need do that. Now you’re burn out because you’re doing the same stuff in-game x6. Congrats.


My friends left too. It’s all bots now.

I play 15 mins a day, 2 chaos dungeons, sell materials and leave. I hoard gold for the day they will release Arcana so I can get skins.

But something tells me that I will quit the game a week after they release Arcana cause the game is absolutely boring.

Bad Game Design does that.


Erm, i never wrote im Burnd out? from where you took that out.
And i love ur post history, its always same thing no matter what topic " its you not game" good mentality bro.
Would do more characters if i didnt have to Pay for slots.
I dont have to whiteknight it like you , everyone can see whats wrong with it, some just ignore.


if ppl leaves 1350 to 1370 they dont deserver to play games. This game free as possible.