Everyone's blaming the botters but

Why did people forget that RMTers are the reason bots exist since there’s always a demand for gold. It’s almost as if the remaining players in this game are the +25 weapons and level 10 gems. Also no surprise that these established players are giving terrible advice to new players such as making their own party that will never fill with cheap 4x3 setups since 5x3 is beyond impossible to afford in this market. They would never experience the struggles of a new player if they can just buy their way through to the top.


Buying gold from 3 party sites is the same as legal rmt, the only difference is that money don’t go to amazon and people hate it because of it. Even if there were no bots, the economy would still be ruined because there was a legal rmt there was no illegal rmt.

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I don’t know why anyone would try and RMT these days. I’ve seen numerous people getting banned for it in the last several weeks. Whole entire guilds have folded because like half the people got banned and the other half stopped playing because they didn’t have any chads to carry them anymore.

I don’t know what they are doing, but imagine a player buying gold from a bot to spend on blue crystals. That player is increasing the cost of blue crystals.

Imagine they instead spent that money on blue crystals the intended way. Now that player is instead contributing to decreasing the cost of crystals.

It’s the complete opposite effect.


RMT exist because they can provide a more attracting exchange for their dollar , or best bang for their buck.

Sadly this game is designed to profit off whales through legal RMT. There would still be runaway inflation without bots. It is built into the fabric of the game.

What the bots are doing actually provides value: farming desired materials and providing them for USD through Gold. Only players who are interested in paying extra USD for advancement are involved. Though they cause gold inflation, they also deflate many needed materials (Armor Crystals, Fusion Mats) that negate some of the damage.

Players do these activities in Korea, unpunished, because it has almost no impact on the overall economy. They openly talk about doing player-to-player RMT, without any fear, through very public Discord channels.

Meanwhile AGS doesn’t provide anything but awful servers and awful communication. Yet they print in unlimited supply Royal Crystals which are nearly useless except exchanging to players for an arbitrary Auction House tax. It is a flat tax on all players and provides no value except to give whales more gold for their USD. There is no silver lining here, just runaway inflation across all markets.

5x3 not affordable you must be kidding right? even alts can easily get 5x3. you just buy some legy books you can get some cheap ones like mass increase if you play swiftness on most of your characters. Also class engravings like emperor for arcana, robus spirit sf, tth and pm for gs etc are rly cheap you can get those for like 2k per book to easily get your 5x3 setup.
You should be able to farm like 200k per week if you have 6 characters around 1460 without rng books like books and expensive acc.

I don’t know if you seen but accessories for most classes outside the very few you mentioned are 100k+ some 200k+ so yeah…

Where is da gold to buy some leg book???

Oh wait, that guy should RMT, so he can get leg Class and Leg Grudge… KEKW

well i dunno wich classe you play that are this expensive. i know for 5x3 support acc are like 100k yes but you dont need 5x3 on them as they will even take you with 3x3. my most expensive class was my sorc her acc where like 50k each. i needed 2 of those pieces. Also if you mix stuff up you sometimes can save a lot of gold some combinations are just bank breaking.

even if you wanted kbw or grudge thats like 2-3 weeks farming. so total of 1-3 months to get them both. i think ppl dont realize but if you farm all your 6 characters raids at 1460 youll already have like 60k(its even more as i didnt calculate in argos gold) gold you prob get some extra from the books etc that drop during raid. you sell all tradeble leapstones. 2x full rested turtle is 1.5k per character. you sell your gems from boss rush, siege event, chaos dungoen etc. you can easily go over 200k per week.

I rather pay chinese bot than giving money to ags after how much fuck up they do and how incompetent they are

Getting leg books is the most easiet way to get 5x3.

And obviously it should take time to get leg books, since that is great investment that will always be useful.

Now though, all leg books prices will go down the drain, so it will be extremely affordable for players.

What makes you think that?
Scenario 1:
There’s not enough 4x3 to fill 1 lobby. If true it’s marginal enough to not be a problem.
Scenario 2:
Badly geared players don’t want to play with equally geared players. Big lol on that one.
Scenario 3:
They want to get carried instead of trying to progress through the raid as supposed.
Like above.

You’re asking why everyone is complaining about cartels when there are dudes hooked on product across the continent and it’s their fault for consuming

RMTing can’t be dealt with if it’s super efficient, where as a simple ID system would’ve choked the entire market to a degree where nobody would’ve cared to even talk about botting and it would be one of those rare reddit memes you sometimes. Instead they manually removed the system and we’ve been having our own war on drugs except even worse happening right under our noses. It’s not a complicated matter

It doesn’t matter if there is a demand for something. If the bots didn’t exist then the people who RMT would have to buy gold through game if there was no other choice. AGS is just going about it the wrong way though they are banning the people who RMT instead of the people who provide the gold for RMT.

That’s why when cops bust people for buying drugs they usually offer lighter sentences or immunity if they give up their supplier because it makes a lot bigger difference if you cut off the supplier than just some little user.

Because legal RMT keep the BC down and help the economy and players. Illegal RMT does nothing to help others, but themselves with overpowered gear and level.

See the big difference there…

Gunslinger, Striker, Scrapper, Bard, Reaper, Glavier. Gunslinger, Striker, Scrapper are 5x3 but it was not cheap. Bard will forever be 4x3 glavier maybe if shit gets cheaper.

The issue is that it’s a cycle, but it starts with bots. The bots generate gold then sell on 3rd party sites. After receiving engagement from players, this cycle continues. Punishing the players will not stop rmt. Eliminating the gold/bots available for rmt solves this problem and is how every other mmo handles the issue.

It’s important to remember that when you use general restrictions to punish rmt players you’re also hitting non rmt players as well…

25 weap is no longer a “whale thing” if you played properly since launch or a month after it basically before valtan release then u can get 25 weap.
also a few level 10 gems is F2P possible too.

5x3 isnt impossible just stop honing and start selling mats
you can make between 45-58k weekly selling GHL with a 6 man roster, maybe 20k ish selling g and d stones. more from raids and so on after a month u have a good 5x3 build

MMos are marathon not a sprint stop crying that shit takes longer than a week.

you can buy your way to the top without RMT the BC exchange is bussin.