Everyone's blaming the botters but

Blame SG for having this stupid system in place lmao
Whales having to keep the economy healthy

Have you play any mmo at all beside this one?

All playerbase economy are driven by the wealthy or the lucky few (good drops). Standards are set by the casuals.
Cannot have one without the other. Is a scale. That is pretty true even in real life. The rich and the middle class.

Hence, a healthy game even hires professional that specializing in economy. A bad economy = dead game.

All garbage players will take one look at the grind and say “it’s impossible to do”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how you approach real life as well.

You said all of this and yet managed to say absolutely nothing

I don’t know what region you are playing but +25 weapons are not really common. Maybe only 2 out of 100 people have +25 guns in 3 people. It’s too expensive for many f2play players because it’s really expensive when the luck is tough, but the lucky f2play players of course have +25 weapons but it’s not common. still very difficult for many. Those with +25 weapons are either rmt or whales. For example, when making a +25 weapon, it became +25 with only one try, but not everyone has the lucky for me. hence only 0.5% of the player base has +25 weapons.

if im f2p with the most un optimized roster until 2 months ago and i can push towards 25 all while encountering alot of pity than its more than possible.

many f2p players make bad market or buying decisions that impact their progress its that simple. its been almost 1 year since this game launched thats more than enough to reach 25 weapon.

why would you spent insane nr of gold and mats in a weapon that loses value in 1 month? the brel gear will have 10% base when you convert it from a +21 compared to like a 1% ater you hit 21 weapon. its super inefficient and flooding your gold through the drain. but if thats your thing do it.

@lilgirlcharlotte yes, the game has been around for 1 year, but don’t forget the fact that many people still don’t have +25 weapons. Look, I’m saying it myself, I just did pity while trying to make +20 weapons. other than that, I didn’t use millions of gold or materials like you think. because I was really lucky. +21 10% artisan +22 13% +23 17% +24 14% increase +25 0 artisan however, it still doesn’t change the fact that the +25 weapons that the players have at the rate of 0.5 I said. Most of them either save their money for new reset gear sets coming next month, or they save gold to buy level 10 gems or spend it on quality. stones etc. For those who are not lucky like me, of course, while I have the opportunity to make it cheap, someone else will have to spend hundreds of thousands of gold to make an item from +20 to +21 or +24 to +25. everyone’s chances are not the same and 99% of the players alternate between +23 +22 weapons.

u dont get ban if u buy from gold farmer because they trade 10 20k per item

I’m sure they will always try to find some new way to evade things.