Everything is getting worse instead of getting better

We have been dealing with the queues and like its not enough we also have to try 500 times get in a dungeon. The issue has been there for more than 4 days and still not a bit progress. AGS, are u even trying?


There has been a post from a CM responding to different topics at least once a day saying that they are working on it

In US West there has been 0 problems. Perhaps do not go on high pop server.

No, they are not. Because NA side, SA side, every servers are fine but EU doesn’t. EU isn’t make that so much sound so they playing DEAD.

it doesnt matter what server you are on because matchmaking is regionwide, and the problem is EU based

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SA side has a big problem that is one of the servers is locked out of character creation 24/7 for the last 5 days, which makes no sense since not a single SA server is overcrowded to the point of getting Queues even at prime time, and the staff is basically ignoring everyone clammoring for it to be unlocked due to guilds and friends being slip to another server because of this

However the EU situation is clearly worse atm

Everything was fine b4 they increased the server caps to fight the queue times.

Now we have 13k queue instead of 20k but the whole game is laggy af and u cant use MM or start dungeons using the lfg tool.

Tbh, I prefer a bigger queue if it means the game system run properly.

This shit doesnt help any1.

Decrease the damn server cap again so the people who eventually get in can actualy play!

UPDATE: Still nothing is fixed. They now broke the Crystalline Auras. Well done.

What could have fixed this? Oh right, server/region roster transfers!!