Everything okay with the roadmap except one thing

the Feiton Pass. Don’t get me wrong, I like the pass and I want the pass.

but don’t forget about bots. you might have to come up with some limitation on availability on those passes because now there is going to be so many lancemaster bots at 960.


Yup they have to figure out something about that :slight_smile:

Sure but why punish the actual player like they already did with gold and other things for that. They are and always will be an issue if they keep punishing players for it it will hurt even more in the long run

The first thing that came to my mind is giving the pass upon completing the south vern storyline…
But there are plenty of ways they can go with it

there are so many ways that are not ‘punishing’ the actual players to give out the pass. like Mixer’s Idea is a good one actually. If you cant hit 1 character to 1340 by the time it comes out, you arent even ‘playing’ the game.

I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have some kind of limitation, otherwise new players could jump straight to Feiton too, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I mean, it’ll likely be attached to something, like an event or something you have to participate in. Pretty sure it’s not just given straight up in korea, but attached to events.

I think these things have limitations on Korea that you can only them on rosters that have higher characters. But I may be wrong

Uhhhh I think they forgot to mention that the Feiton pass is probably a cash shop item, Bot farmers won’t be buying them for their bots.

(at least I don’t think??? I unno madness!)

This is how it works in other regions they are paid boosts

The pass isn’t going to be free… lol

You usually get one free pass with new class releases yes unless amazon is being greedy which let’s be real they probably are.

I’m not going to lie, but I barely see any bots now.


go to Rethramis ,Yudia,Tortoyk and luterra. there are still a tons

Russia never gave a free pass with class releases until they released Sorceress which is the only one I know they did. I don’t know about korea though, if you have sources on it I would gladly read them.

Raid level 5, 1346 ilvl… the bots be grindin harder then me

doesn’t have to be lance masters, it says any other class you want, so more zerker bots in chaos here we go

yea cuz the “trust” system, they need to level up new accounts, I was doing tome in Arthetine last night, bots are making it to there and almost level 50 now, server is EAST- Regulus