Evolution Gaming (NA West) (Mari)

EVO was created by like-minded individuals with the sole purpose of clearing the most challenging end-game content and having fun doing it. We come from various MMO/ARPG backgrounds and know what it takes to have success. Our focus is to push ourselves to be one of the top-tier PVE/PVP guilds on Lost Ark.

We are currently recruiting Raiders & Casuals. Our expectations for each are as follows:

Raider- you are expected to show up prepared and ready to clear content on raid days. You need to have an advanced understanding of your class (min/max). You also should be familiar with the mechanics of the encounters. Finally, you will need to help other guild members when possible.

Casual- The backbone of the guild, you are expected to participate in guild activities whenever possible. We expect you to competently play your class and/or be willing to improve. As raid spots open up, we will reach out to our casuals before publicly recruiting.

All ranks are expected to follow the guild rules, be active in discord, and represent us in a manner that reflects positively on the guild.

There are a couple of ways to join. You can message Markull#9357 or iLLusid#8936 on discord. The other option is to join the server directly. There you will be prompted to create a ticket and an officer will be with you asap. Either way please be patient with us and we look forward to speaking with you!

Discord: Evolution Gaming