EW Deadegeye Enjoyers

Hello friends, wanted to make a thread for those that love playing EW Deadegeye and feel the power of his shotguns at end game.

Figured we could all share little tips and anecdotes since a lot of the English stuff on him isn’t really helpful / feels weird.

How do you run your Devil Hunter?

I personally use Full Range on Shotgun Dominator because The Ruler makes it’s already trash range get reduced by a further 20%. I’ve found that full range allows me to get off really big damage without getting screwed over by a boss taking a step a foot or two forward.

As per stats and engravings I personally run EW 3, Grudge 3, Ambush Master 3, KBW 3, Adrenaline 1, SA 1.

The reason for EW 3 is 1) Gold books are hella cheap for him on EUC, 2) it’s 30% crit so basically adrenaline 2 without attack power, 3) you can always add adrenaline as I have done 4) the > crit rate means you don’t have to put points into crit and can just go spec / swift.

So stats as I said, spec / swift with 0 crit on accessories. For reference I have 7% from LWC + 30% from EW + 1% from random books/roster level horizontal prog + 5% from Adrenaline + 10% from crit debuff + 10% from back attack = ~63% crit from self.

Add in the extra 15% from Argos and you’re Gucci. Also this stat spread is also viable when you get Earth set since it’s a flat 17% crit rate at 4 piece which is nice. (81% crit rate with 0 crit accessories lolol)

Anyway, that’s how I play my dude. He has 1 swift accessory so I have about 1400 spec and 700 Swift. That plus the CDR gems (pain in the ass to get on deadeye) gives me a really nice flow of skills and makes him feel really smooth.

Anyway thats my experience with him. I love him and like you fellow lovers, know, despite all the hate, it’s possible to MVP cruel fighter on this dude in most content



First of all you don’t have to choose between close shot and full range (and this also applies to execution vs massive explosion on last request). Just try to save 2 versions of the tripods one with close shot one with full range and alternate based on encounter. Just make sure close shot rapid fire and dominator and massive explosion are on different gear pieces and try to mirror the other 3 on each. In time you’ll have them and you really don’t lose anything by doing it.

Valtan for example is quite lenient on close shot. Doesn’t really jump all over the place. This is not true for some of the later bosses and you will lose a lot of damage by greeding it. With the insane mobility ew has + full range you can deal damage even on the most mobile bosses in situation where with close shot it would be impossible.

I never used EW 3, but I guess I’m biased after finding a 70 quality 5 ew 3 amb earring with crit on the first day valtan hit for 9k gold. These are very rare, but I’ve seen others even with spec stat getting sold for cheap (saw a 30k 5 ew 3 kbw spec in recent prices :smiling_face_with_tear:). I still follow the market hoping for a spec version, but I’m pretty happy with what I have :joy:

There’s an argument to be made for Spirit absorbtion 3. Makes 3 of your accessories much cheaper and helps a lot with your uptime (shorter animation locks, faster repositioning). I don’t have grudge yet, but once the tower hits I think I’ll be able to buy the leg books. It’ll be gr3 / sp3 / amb3 / cd3 / adr2 / ew1.
I’ll wait until I complete this to see if kbw is worth over cd. Considering entropy gives me 55% crit damage and the two damage skills on pistol have over 130% on top of that I don’t think it’s the best choice, but I’ll wait and see.

Also I’m pretty hyped they gave 6 more skill points in elgacia. Would mean we can get 6 lvl 12 skills and 3 lvl 7 ones. Raid captain + quick pace might be an option in the future. I’m not bothering to even test it in trixion until I get my legendary galewinds though :neutral_face:


I’d actually thought about building a Full Range set as a “progression” set on him. You know, for new fights where you’re not really sure about positioning.

I also agree on spirit absorption. I think it was you who once posted that playing the squishiest class in the game warrants a defensive engraving in the form of dodges / animation locks.

I have SA 1 too apparently. I forgot I still had it. I rock it on my Gunslinger as well and it’s really nice.

In any event I’m firmly in the no crit camp because I’d prefer to stack more swift and spec. The cooldown reduction, in my opinion, is really what makes him feel like he has a “flow” to his skills.

It’s so nice seeing stuff popp off on back attack. Re KBW, I’m not sure I can give it up. I have 12x back from when it was like 1.5K a book on EUC and iirc the global damage boost of 250 → 305% is like 18 or 20 percent which is bigger than any other engraving.

I’m terrible at math so could be wrong here.

Any other Deadeye enjoyers around?

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DE Enjoyer reporting in.

However I chose the Pistoleer ezlife. I do enjoy the EW playstyle definitely, moreso than the GS for sure. But tbh I prefer how chill pistoleer is, DMG is quite solid moreso because the pistoleer uptime is very high imo, quick animations, not much animation lock etc. Theres back attack on some attacks but it’s not really required. Have an average of about 90% crit uptime on a 5 min dummy with crit/spec neck and everything else in straight spec. Dummy dps sits around around 2 mil (1460, salvation, nightmare and argos 2 piece) so all around pretty fun.

Squishy but… what’s new really.

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Disgusting EW Deadeye Gigachad Shotgun abuser reporting for duty.

Currently my engravings are as follows:
EW 3
Grudge 3
Ambush Master 3
Keen Blunt 3
Spirit Absorption 2

Right there with you when it comes to the EW3. The gold books were cheap as hell and having 30% crit with 100% uptime is pretty damn awesome.

I am a crit (470) necklace enjoyer with the rest spec (1570). I personally can’t drop it for swiftness just yet, that damage is too nice. Once the 4 piece relic set is here and there is a permanent 17% crit chance (as opposed to 15% you have to build to w/ Argos) I will probably switch to swiftness on the neck and go Adrenaline 3 removing the spirit absorb. I’ll have to run some tests in Trixion before I make that decision though.

Just got my Poem two piece today so, rocking the double two piece relic sets. All level 7 gems except for one which is level 6 (quickshot CDR).

Sitting at ilvl 1480 and stupid happy that I picked Deadeye. No class compares when it comes to the fun factor.


What’s your rune setup

EW deadeye enjoyer. Finally with relic 2 piece this class feels at least a bit rewarding. Currently sitting at 1460 and stuck with 4x3 + 1x1 with KBW/CD/AM/SA/EW(1) as there is no 5/3 accessory on auction house with EW(5)/spec in reasonable price. Aiming for KBW/CD/AM/Grudge/ADR(2)/EW(1) with swift on neck.

With spirit apsoprtion DE is so smooth and so fun. Imo worth adding as 4/5 engraving as cheap option.

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Will have to take a look, but mostly gale wind on shotgun skills.

I do run Quick Recharge (epic) on the grenade since you can spam it and it seems to proc a lot for me

Do note that quick recharge (and generally any proc on cast type rune like rage) can proc off each cast of a chain type skill. Quick shot / Triple explosion. Standard grenade should be bleed.

Mine must be broken though since as far as I tested I would be generous to give it 10% chance to proc :joy:

EW Deadeye enjoyer as well here. I already put quite some effort into this class. My DE is 1460 (all items +18), has decent tripods (only a few lvl 4´s), running 2p entropy, 2p salvation, 2p argos and all lvl 7 gems.
As for stats, since i am not running SA, i´m utilizing 1300 spec, 300’ish crit and 450 swift.
Currently running meta build with 4x3 Grudge/KBW/CD/AM + 2 Adrenaline + 1 EW.
I play with close shot tripods because that has the highest dmg ceiling.
As for using conv/judge or QR, i can only recommend QR. Put QR on Spiral tracker, it´s pretty much guaranteed to proc every time you use the skill thus making your entire rotation much smoother than using conv/judge every 30 seconds (worst case u get the conv proc but not the judge proc as well).
I can say for myself that i easily outdamage almost every other player at my ilvl, even if they are a couple above (not those that went full ham on their weapon tho and have it like +21).
I run Galewind runes on Quick Shot, SRF and Apocalypse. Overwhelm on Last request. Rage on Dex Shot. Bleed on grenade. Purify on EE (changing that depending on encounter). No rune on SD cause it´s already hard to use it at max potential, putting galewind on it for example only shortens the time you have to hit the end of the perfect zone which makes it almost impossible to maximize the dmg.

I’ll test when I get home, but quick recharge shouldn’t proc on hit, it should proc on skill use, so spiral tracker should definitely not guarantee it or have any advantage besides being on low cd and spammy.

I always found spiral tracker + Equillibrum guaranteed the procs for conv/judgement. It’s a higher cd reduction, it works on the full cooldown since you apply it before you use the skill you want reduced (pretty much always shotgun rapid fire guaranteed cd reduction) and it works on awakenings.

While qr is always random.

I’ll test the dominator thing when I get home. I also thought this some time back, but I tested by stopping the skill at the start of the perfect zone and at the end and there was never any difference in damage and number of hits. I’ll try a zero attack speed vs max and galewind to see if it hits less times. If this was what you meant by it

I thought this as well but i quickly found out that most high geared EW DE players on loawa, especially that top geared Esther 8 Gigachad are using QR on spiral tracker. I´ve read some posts and watched some videos and they all explained that while the english tooltip says “on skill use”, every hit of the skill has a chance to proc it just like conv/judge (i believe both of them also say “on skill use”). Since spiral tracker with 16 hits per use has the most hits of any of our skills. QR procs quite frequently and i found my rotation to become much smoother than having to wait for conv/judge and with bad luck not even getting either proc.

No, this is not what i meant. The damage is the same if you use galewind or not. However, if you use Galewind it drastically decreases the casting time, thus making it much harder to hit the perfect zone near the end. I´ve tried it many times and if you release the ability too early in the perfect zone you definitely miss out on 1 or 2 hits. So i don´t use a galewind rune on it to make it easier to hit the end of the perfect zone. You also have to think about party attack speed buffs. I already have a hard time with SD if i get Blade atk speed buff. If i were to put a galewind rune on that skill as well it would be way too fast to maximize the damage of that ability.

As far as i tested in trixion, QR apply on skill use. I used a purple one and got fairly low proc rate in comparison to rage rune. Another thing is that with legendary conviction/judgment on spiral/eqilibrium you got almost guaranteed proc so not sure why someone would use QR instead of conviction/judgment.