Ex-VPN users, why are you still here, posting?

I can’t wrap my head around it. The day it happened, sure I expected an uproar. Conversely, if it happened to me, I would’ve just quietly taken my business elsewhere and accepted it, but I understand there will always be the vocally opposed no matter where you go in life. But it’s been days now. The game has officially yeeted its carpet out from under your feet, and it should be clear to most of you by now that this change is final and absolute. Why are you still here?

Here’s something for you guys to consider: I previously used a VPN to connect to the Russian version of Lost Ark, prior to the western release, as did many other NA/EU players here I’m sure. To me, it was common sense that if I had to use a VPN to connect to that version game, I’m probably not supposed to be there. From that point, it was easy to rationalize I shouldn’t invest any money in it, and should treat my time there as if it were limited from the get-go. They could’ve banned me at any moment… again, common sense.

I also understand some regions are now blocked that weren’t previously, and those regions did not need a VPN before. Once more, if roles were reversed, I would’ve realized, “Hey, I’m not actually in NA or EU, it’s strange that I am allowed to connect to this version of the game. Maybe they haven’t blocked my region yet?” and I would’ve investigated the TOS before deciding whether or not I should spend any money. It doesn’t take any major mental gymnastics to come to that conclusion, and so I would’ve proceeded with caution.

And if I got blocked, knowing I wasn’t part of the regions being serviced to begin with… I would’ve just accepted the fact that I wasn’t meant to be playing on that region, and that’s just how it goes.

I most certainly wouldn’t have lingered around for days afterwards, moaning about it disproportionately. What’s the point?

Some decisions made by AGS/Smilegate have been difficult to defend, or even see the logic or reasoning behind it. That is not the case here. The decision to block VPN users and enforce regional restrictions/existing TOS rules was a no-brainer and is easily one of the most defendable decisions they’ve made since launch (existing bot plague notwithstanding). Like it or not, it was a necessary step towards cleaning up the game.


tldr; something doesn’t affect me, so I don’t understand why people are frustrated.


Incorrect. It has affected me in other games I’ve played and could’ve easily affected me playing this game in other regions I wasn’t meant to. Imposing your opinion of my post without having actually taken the time to read it just discredits you. I legitimately want to know why these players are still here moaning about something that is most definitely not going to revert.

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If you got locked out of your house would you give up standing outside complaining that you can’t get back in after just a couple days?

There are dozens of good reasons why people played over VPN that have nothing to do with regional restrictions and using the TOS as a shield after they have taken money from these players then banned them from playing will never sit well.


If you aren’t in NA/EU, and/or were using a VPN to connect to the game, this was never your house to begin with.


I’m not affected by it, but you have people that live far away from the servers (AUS/SEA players) playing with over 200 ping, but with Exitlag that ping becomes way more stable around 150ms ish at least way more playable and suddenly the game disables Exitlag and it becomes awful to play getting hit by things you shouldn’t normally be hit by, of course they will be frustrated about it and I know how they feel since I’ve used to play games from a distance and always relied on these programs and without it I personally would quit, its just unfun experience.

Agreed. More than this, though, if these users actually want their problem fixed, they would go to the Support forums and cooperate with the tech support people over there to try and fix their issue. Instead, they fill up this forum with VPN posts and whine and never get their problem resolved because they’d rather complain than try to fix their problem.

I am pretty sure that those who are getting the 10010 error is affected by something that has been in the game since its launch. This is a generic error message that I also received a few months ago on my laptop but not on my PC (and I’m in the US). On my laptop, I fixed it by making a couple registry changes and switching from wifi connection to mobile hotspot, then back to wifi. No problems since.

Stop complaining in every VPN post here and start doing something to try to fix your problem if you really want to play.

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So you actually don’t know anything about the issues going on based on this remark.

But thanks for showing compassion. /s

If they’re part of a region allowed to play here without a VPN, they can still play they just can’t use a VPN anymore. What’s the problem? It’s a necessary evil, sure it’s frustrating, but the game wasn’t taken away from them. Rules are just now being enforced. If they don’t like the ping, don’t play here? The argument that some regions have higher ping here than others can apply to literally any online game in existence. It’s a shame they can’t use their ping solution on this game anymore but that’s life.

If nothing else, this change proved a great deal of people have no idea what VPN is for outside of “It must be used from China so the Bots can farm”

The context of that remark was I played on RU Lost Ark and could’ve easily been blocked, and how I would’ve reacted had that occurred. But if it’s easier for you to write off everything else I said based on that remark, go right ahead.

Why don’t you play with over 200 ping? Yup, if you do you’ll be the first person to quit and complain on the forums, but you’re too entitled to even understand anything. I wanna see you do the actual harder legion raids with that ping and tell me how much fun you had.

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Some people can’t play without changing their ISP because said ISP uses a VPN with no option to opt out. They’ve got a pretty valid reason to complain here.

I’ve played VERY ping-reliant games with over 200 ping (specifically in the SEA region, League of Legends) many times. Was it the best experience I could’ve had? No. But in order to play the game with my friends it was something I had to do. And you know what, I didn’t even use a VPN to try and lower my ping. I probably could’ve, but didn’t. And I never once ‘quit and complained on the forums’.

Quick note: I do not use a VPN.

Other games went and reversed their VPN ban; it can happen with this game too. We just need to keep being vocal about it.

Remember, not everyone using a VPN is doing it to connect from a different region. Some do it just to not DC, even though they’re playing in the correct region.

It was done to help with bots, which it has failed to do. It’s not defensible in the slightest.

Again, you don’t understand the full situation and your OP and your comments show that you don’t. I’m willing to bet you actually haven’t even read the TOS for the game, which doesn’t specifify “VPN” at all.

So why are you making posts about something you clearly don’t even understand and haven’t taken the time to understand?


Do it with this game not league lel, at least moba aren’t that bad when it comes to ping issues, but you won’t cause you’ll be the first person to cry on the forums.

How exactly is it a “necessary evil”? It achieved exactly nothing in regards to thinning bots and punished legitimate players. If I had a choice between people that actually play the game (regardless where they’re playing from) and playing with a bunch of self serving bots. I know what I’d pick.

I agree with you, if those people meet the regional requirements of the game as well. Then yes they do have plenty of cause for complaint. But as someone said earlier, in those cases, that sounds like something for the support team to handle. And I am certain that those people whose ISP uses a VPN are a very small minority of the players affected by this change.

Not going to bother responding to you any more if you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion. Repeatedly insisting I’d be the first person to cry on forums about this when I’ve already provided examples of when I didn’t, honestly… I don’t even know what else to say to you.