"Exact" date for Reaper/Summoner release?

So I’m going to make a Reaper in November, but I’m wondering when exactly will she be released?

Early November, “mid” November or later in the last few days of November?

Would be nice if we get some information about that :slight_smile:

Reaper is currently slated to release just after October, but before December 2022.


You’re not going to get an exact release date this early. The most we can do is speculate. That being said the express event ends November 16. So, it’s reasonable to say that Reaper should be coming out after that.

they will post patch notes before the patch hits and that will give the exact date on when we finally get the good class in the game!

Since they work like a corporate. They have a timeline of either Black Friday, Winter Break, or X-mas.

So more likely a big event on November 20ish including reaper (?).

Everything being said is pure speculation.

The “exact” dates you should always consider are the last Wednesday of the month.

We’ll be lucky if we get an exact date before the week of release.

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Exact dates will come in each month the content is set to drop, as we still have to work through finalizing, receiving, and testing builds. We do hope to get the monthly updates out before the major holidays in each month though.


mid “insert month”

This month the update will be on 26 october. If we follow logic than:
Reaper - 23 November
Summoner - 21 December (Roxx said it will be released prior to the holidays)

Brel on the 21st is kinda dumb, but now I have another justification to only doing gates 1-4 week 1. Honestly, would’ve preferred it to be on the 28th.

They can release the Summoner one week before Brel who knows

They won’t. That’s way too logistically challenging for this “indie” company.

not realy, people have holiday and free time, how u spent them is ur decision.

My hunch would be 23rd November. Event ends on 16th November but maybe they will prep ahead for 1 week. Although 30th of November IS also a wednesday, i doubt they will put it then because it would be very close to Summoner release.

well they mentioned that they wanna release both classes before holiday weeks, in november there is thanksgiving starting from 16th (read it in a thread) so they wanna release them prior and summoner before christmas holidays.

Probably end of November and end of December. I think they are gonna release Summoner and Brel together for Christmas.

November 24 is Thanksgiving day in USA so definitely not November 23 is the release date for Reaper. More likely the 16th or 30th of November.

Ah ok, sorry i am not american and don’t know which date is Thanksgiving. In this case yeah 23th is not an option.

THe patch was atm allways on the end of the month.
so dont expect early / mid nomvember.