Exactly what is the point of "permanent" tool damage?

thematically it makes no sense that a tool can require special repair tokens when weapons and armor don’t

if you want the cost of repair to be high for game system purposes, then just make them higher in one system, don’t tack another additional one on

it seems the only purpose is to funnel people into the crystal market which is of course the RMT side

anyone else see any reason this hassle needs to exist?

Ist IT cool to have charslots Limited? No its Not. Ist IT included? Yes IT IS. Kinda Same sht

Why ask when you know the answer :wink:

Confusing systems + additional steps → bluring real value → people spend more

Just monetization. Game industry is just gambing casinos nowaday. Games aren’t product anymore, they became “service” where customer being milk. For better or worst, it just feel suck sometime.

just making sure there wasn’t something i was missing in the estimation

i mean, they could have put repair tokens into armor and weapons too but i guess it would be too egregious and people would revolt

putting it on non-critical farming tools they get away with it lol