Excavating bug. Cant escavate

So from what i understand life skill are roster wide so.

I did lvl up my excavating to lvl 50 on my main.
I swap to my alt go to the same place and i cant excavate. I find a node with radar but i cant interact with this in any way.
Yes i have energy, yes i have durability on my shovel.

I came back with my main and i can excavate on my main but i cant on my alt.

Localization Niheltaloph’s thoughts. Pls fix apparently its not only me

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, Lavrec.

Do you have any other characters with this problem as well? Or do you just have your main/alt?

Have you tried other areas?

I’m pretty sure that island is glitchy for excavation – some nodes you can use and some you can’t.

I checked few nodes not all of them. I can excavate perfectly fine on my main but on my alt i cant no matter what i try to do. I tried in punika on alt and it works fine.

Sorry for the slow reply and thanks for letting me know!