Excavating mini game needs to be changed

This mini-game is based on reaction time, and it’s basically impossible to do it consistently if your ping exceeds 100ms. People that play remotely are forced to do this annoying task at home, and people that play from other countries basically can’t do it all.

Do you have difficulty decrease 3 on shovel?

No, but it doesn’t really matter since my ping fluctuates. Sometimes I have to preemptively hit space bar, and sometimes I don’t have to.

There is simply no reason for this mini-game to exist.

It’s rewarding, gives a ton of extra mats and is an incentive to upgrade the trade skill level.

Ping / ISP issues are not accounted for and are no reason to remove or change this. It sucks that you have to deal with this, but if you can’t make use of the Minigame and excav is not worth it for you without it, you might want to try fishing

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Sorry but are you playing dumb deliberately? None of the other professions have mini-games and rewards based on reaction time. Just make excavating like every other profession by removing the mini-game and replace it with a reward every 5 times, or come up with something else. It’s not really hard to come up with an adequate solution that treats every user equally.

I know nobody will ever fix this because the devs will only ever change something that the community has been shitting on for months, and sadly this community doesn’t consist of the brightest of people.

Aaand we’re done here.

How can you claim that, lol, when it’s obvious you don’t do other trade skills?

Fishing has the exact same thing, it’s called Net casting

Mining has similar things with clicking G

I’m sure others are like this, since there’s more data to conclude that than the other thing around lol

Yea, nobody in their right mind goes fishing, but from what you are saying fishing is basically excavating, only difference is you stand all the time. Why not update them together?

Mining reaction isn’t that difficult, even on high ping. But even if it fails, you won’t lose potentially thousands of gold just because of that stupid mini-game.

i do excavating from time to time, i cant get 3 perfect zones with a decent tools all the time, but 2 out of 3 is usually doable, its a game u cant be 100% anyway, focusing on fishing now, its easier and u dont have to walk around too, less hassle.

It’s not really difficult to do it perfectly every time, but you need to have a steady ping to do so. Fishing is no option for me because it’s just mind-numbing torture and it takes way longer than excavation.

u need some autohotkey help with fishing, trust me, its the only way to conquer the time sink

I thought about it and I know that EAC doesn’t do shit about it, but it’s still basically a fishing bot and could you get banned. It’s very unlikely that it’s happening now, but you never know when they change their stance and update EAC accordingly.

if u get banned, just spend more time elsewhere lol