Excavation maps

Some questions about that:
-generally speaking, are they worthing (T3, obviously)?
-Is really South Vern preferable to Punika, or (few) extra mats required don’t worth it?
-Aside the anyway very low chance to find high craft kit, location matters in this? I mean, is it slight better in South Vern than Punika? Or even than lower tier places?


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Same sh*t

No difference between Punika or South vern, T3 is T3, all same chance

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No excavating maps arent worth it unless you have nothing else to do with your farm but then the kit is bound to you anyway.

There are far better ways to make gold.

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No it’s not…

Nothing is bound in Exca maps, juice also isnt bound.

Punika exca map is currently 400gold on my server (EUC), and in the map, you can get Green/Blue/Purple juice, with the current price of the juice, it’s really worth is you have a good rng.

The last time I ran map crafted from stronghold mats, things were bound. Maybe they meant that.

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Stopped doing it after now 700 maps

first , you need 2 good shovels :
1 for excavate , like Superarmor /+ normal chance( i have 34% on my legi shovel)
1 for the 5 stack chest like minigame+3 + minigame extra mat chance ( i have 39% on my relic shovel)

also your goal is always getting the 5 stack Epic excavate chest bonus , that way you earn the most value through

why i stopped after 700 maps

you dont make profit from juice you get , its more an even thing
the only profit you get is that 1,5% chance on legi crafting kit and the 1% chance on relic crafting kit and sell that

( i know it cause i got 11 legi and 8 relic kits in 700 maps and did an excel sheet where i bit in my mats of every map on that 700maps) ( shovels are not increse the chance on that kits , atleast from korean inven/reddid)

so if you dont have the time of 20 minutes excavate per day and 20 minutes of running cards every day per week

so if you dont into 1% luck chances to make the big deal , just sell that raw materials its worth more than that juice you get
also south vern maps has that 1% chance Punika is even lower, yes there is a diffrence map wise)

also it takes alot of stronghold energy. crafting other things are more profit worthy if stronghold energy is considered a needy value of gold income

with crafting other things where you dont need to spend time ( getting to that map costs time even if its only 2 minutes, and then sell that craftings is less time and more profit per week sadly