Excavation Using Too Much Work Energy


The excavation trade skill is using way too much of my work energy. The relic search skill says that digging up a relic will use 62 energy. I’m using a Leap Essence, so doubled it would be 124. However, when I dig up the relic, it is taking 360 work energy. Nearly 3x what it should be using.

I paid real money for a few extra life energy potions and the leap essence potions. I’m not getting what I paid for, as my work energy is disappearing at a much higher rate than it should be. I reported this here, because I assume it is a bug and I wanted to see if others are having the same issue. I would like to be contacted though, in regards to replacing the potions it burned through.

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I have the same issue. I am not using Leap Essense, but still using way more energy than the Relic Search tooltip suggests. It also seems to be random and uses more or less energy deepening on the are you excavate. For example, in Battlebounds Plains energy usage sometimes was 124, sometimes 153 and sometimes 176. The excavated amount in this area was always the same just one Ancient Relic piece. In Bilbrin Forest, it always used up 180 energy, but it gave a lot more Ancient Relics and most of the time Rare Relics as well.

Not sure if this is intended and you use more energy to get more pieces but it’s definitely not what the tooltip suggests.

I’ve noticed the same thing, With leap essence it uses WAY too much energy and since I drank a bunch of them I’m only able to excavate a couple times a day before I am out of energy.

I just noticed this too, originally thought digging just took way more energy than everything else as it was using 100+ with each dig and just decided to avoid it. Thought I would give it another go today as I saw the tooltip for “Relic Search” said only 62 life energy is consumed upon digging, but alas it still takes over 100 each time.

Are Amazon/Smilegate aware of this and have it on the list of things to fix after the server issues or sorted? Otherwise it’s pretty pointless to try and level up Excavation at the moment.

I submitted a ticket today with screenshots. I encourage everyone else do the same so we can get some visibility on it, because I haven’t seen any other posts about this anywhere.

Same problem with fishing. instead of 44 energy is 60 energy. possible to be a general problem with all trade skills

how do you submit a ticket because I can’t find the way to do it?

Link to create a ticket is here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Edit for clarification: Go through the options (I did “Technical > Something Else” and there will be a “Create Web Ticket” option on the bottom.

I think the issue that is actually going on isn’t that any of the life skills are taking too much energy but its actually that the tooltip is displaying the wrong number. Foraging, Logging, and Mining take 30, 60, and 30 energy respectively and in return provide 75, 150, and 75 xp for the specific skill per action. However, excavation takes 180 energy unlike the tooltip that says 62, and in return provides you with 450 xp, thus being 3x the amount from logging and 6x the amount from Foraging and Mining. If anybody has info on how it works in the KR/RU server then maybe that could help explain it a bit better.

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I’m having this issue as well. It persisted even after the Leap’s Essence wore off. A single relic took 400 energy, but the amount varies per.

This is still an issue BTW, just noticed as i seen Excavation was a potential good gold generator. Probably going to avoid, literally only got 52 relics with like 4k energy. Not even a stack to sell.

Update - Just checked, looks like its taking 3x the amount of skill than the tool tip (62). So a total of 180ish energy per excavation still.

Any ETA on this bug? its really anoying and i already have lvl 29 on excavation so just imagine the ammount of energy already lost because of this…

It does seem to take alot, but does it also reward alot? If you aren’t happy, please let them know they should reward everyone who isn’t happy with the rewards. (itoatsiwtsty)

I’ve had the same suspicion. But no matter which one it is, they should fix either the skill’s energy usage or its description.