Exceptional Ensemble still bugged!

Exceptional Ensemble still bugged, and yes I´ve done all prereqs. 3 days in a row. I know you aware of the problem since alot of players reported this issue.

I feel you been sitting there everyday for 3 days as well no idea whats up with it.

Another day today rofl, aint getting Tuleu merchant anytime soon.

So the quest is actually not bugged, the timers are. Show up to the quest 1 hour before its actual start time and it will be there.

Yeah no, tried that now. Been standing here at the event 2hrs before start and now it´s down to 46:34 time until start.

Incase you still need it, I did manage to catch the event at 8:30pm server time today on US East - Galatur. It was 4 hours after the map timer said. Managed to complete. So it is happening, but the timer is completely unreliable.

I was in Yorn and saw a notification that the co-op event there was starting, so I decided to bifrost to Rohendal on a whim and sure enough, it was starting too.

Hello @Stickie and all the other players at the post,

Thank you very much for bringing your concern to us at the forum.

First, allow me to ask you if you’re still having the issue with the quest?

In case you’re still experiencing the issue may I know already did the quest called “Music Echoes in Elzowin”?

This quest is usually not completed and this avoid to be able to take the Exceptional Ensemble.

Please let me know if you need more assistance please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


The timer is wrong for the event. It spawns at 8:30 pm PST :slight_smile:

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Hello @Wyvernn and everyone having this issue with the co-op event.
Yes I still got problem with the co-op event. The issue is not fixed.
I have done the quest called “Music Echoes in Elzowin”
I need more assistance since I need the merchant Tuleu to show up in my stronghold to be able to buy Wealth runes.

So 04:30 my time. 3 kids, full time job. Nah I´ll pass :sweat_smile:

Again today at 4:30 EST it didn’t come up. This is with the finished prerequisite quest “Music Echoes in Elzowin”. The in-game timer is way off and I’m tired of going to Rothun to check this. I just want the wealth runes man.

I have done the requisite quest and waited at the map marker the last 2 nights (I’m standing there right now waiting). Either it’s bugged or the time one the map marker is all wrong.