Exchange All Bound Unused Materials

So we have an exchange vendor in place already who, as far as I can tell, has got it pretty easy with only one T3 item on offer for exchange. He obviously has a lot of time on his hands and space in his shop for more materials!? Is it possible that sometime in the future will we see his empty shelves occupied by all tiers of honing materials for us hoarders to inundate him with lower level materials in exchange for higher.

It seems a shame that we almost have no option other than to delete our bound unused T1/T2 materials once we reach T3. I personally have accumulated a wealth of shards, stones, additional, weapon, etc etc… T1 and T2 mats that I cannot use both with my main and 2nd character (non boosted).

I really hope this is something the game developers could at least consider for the future as I’m sure I’m not alone in being reluctant to just delete my hard earned materials… I mean c’mon who wants to do that… it’s just plain stupid!!

Edit: I’d also like to add that for those of us who are hoarders will inevitably need additional storage space which as we all know cost crystals which then ultimately consumes gold so I think it’s only fair that we should be given the option.

Please give us the option to exchange any bound T1/T2 related materials I’m sure you could if you really wanted to. :wink:

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+1 I do agree, I would like to see both options for:

  1. Making Bound Materials Roster Bound


  1. Make a vendor to allow a trade up, even at a heavy cost.

You can trade honor leapers to greater 5:1. Just keep that pace.

5:1 Leapstones to Next Tier Leapstones

Do the same for Tier 1/2/3 Materials like Destruction and Guardian Stones and Shards.

Could be like 1000 Stones for 100 next level or 10000 Shards for 1000 next level. I would be fine with that as it at least doesn’t feel like a waste having to sell them for silver.