Exchanging useless materials for usable T3ones?

Hey, wouldnt it be nice if we could exchange all the useless T2 materials/honing sucess mats/T2 gems etc. for useful T3 stuff?

We already got it for Honor Leapstones at a rate of 5 to 1 and it works perfectly fine.

That way, all the useless mats and gem could all of a suden become usefull again by exchanging them to T3 stuff.

Wouldnt that be a great solution and easy to do, even if the rates are bad?

Bound maybe, Tradeable no.

Ofc not tradable.

Have a thread from March where we asked for something to be done about T1/2 bound materials that lost all value as soon as your character pushed past that tier.

At one point a CM did say they would bring the idea back to the table and get back to us, but they never did :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sadge, that thread is actually one day from going into archive. Someone bump it !