Exitlag for SEA to NA West server

hello, im an OCE gamers, and without exitlag this game is literally unplayable, i usually using exitlag for west (oregon-sanjose-seattle) servers, and its been a week that exitlag server is not working(we can’t login) tried all the server and least we can do is with ausburn-5 with 320 ping (when my normal ping is 250)

is there any way we can fix this? because i want to play gunslinger etc :frowning:
or maybe any server work for now? lmk ty

they have blocked all the routes from Exit Lag supposedly to attack the Bots when the software does not hide your IP. Basically incompetence at its best

doesnt make any sense at all, they said amazon and exitlag work together and now they did this xd

Its because they don’t like us OCE / SEA players to use Exitlag it seems since this has happened before already. The worst part is that it only affect NA West region server, if you use exitlag and go on to other regions u can get into the game just fine. Its the same like how they put a black filter on SH and use a lame excuse of players are too dumb to differentiate SH when they are and arent in demon form

They are doing the shady thing where Exitlag technically still works but all useable routes for OCE/SEA players are blocked. The only ones still working are EU routes which gives you worse ping than if you don’t use Exitlag at all lol.

yaaa idk what r they thinking, when asian player practically needs the exitlag the most and they disabled it :frowning:

it is happend b4, but there are some server we could still use, for now there’s literally no server is usable for us to go to west

Ya iknow, i was 1 of the person that made a first post about it when Exitlag was not usable for US West couple months ago, like 2 weeks ago it was no longer usable but i can still access other regions now i cant access a single region with it

Probably making people suffer in EUW (dead market), SA (7k BC?), and now NAW to cut costs and force players to migrate to NAE and EUC without developing region transfers.

They abandoned EUW and they know that most migrated to EUC.
Many in SA already migrated to NAE.

Eventually, it will be two regions only NAE and EUC.

NAW bc is at 3.5k rn

That’s a lot, but NAW is where bot central is. In EUC it’s 2.3K. I am certain it’s even less in NAE.

Hi I’m Croft from ExitLag support team.

Amazon is already making repairs to establish connections, this week Amazon suffered a series of ddos attacks and had an increase in bots, so they had to do an emergency update, we are waiting for the amazon network engineer to finish the repair, we are trying to resolve it as soon as possible.

From Exitlag

thanks a lot!
idk ur real or not, but now exitlag is working again with oreha!! <3
hopefully nothing change after MT later and so on

wait its working again? i’ve had today off LA

Only some routes work. They still have most blocked as far as I know.

oregon is working, idk for east tho

but oregon is the best for OCE to west, so its work best for me now

Hello, I’m moving the thread to the English Game Feedback section because it was actually posted in the French one by mistake.

Network engineer here. Hawaii is the hub for a lot of rim of fire endpoints to the US. I don’t know anything about exitlag, but if they have an internet exchange on the island it’s going to do well to NAW endpoints.

Seattle internet exchange agreements also work well, as it will route through hawaii.

so can you tell me what is causing the current disconnects for lost ark?