ExitLag official stance?

Is ExitLag supported by this game? I’ve seen posts of people saying VPN’s aren’t allowed in regards to ExitLag, which makes no sense since it’s a proxy service not a VPN. I need any help I can get to reduce the insane Amazon server lag/desync.

Looked up how it works and it works pretty much like a VPN so it can possibly get you banned.

ExitLag is not a VPN so again, that doesn’t make sense.

Have no way to do it, without new technology, not being a VPN. ExitLag is a VPN, but unlike most VPNs, it doesn’t manage all your connections, it only routes the data from supported game titles.

It works nearly the same way, tho. It routes you over other servers in different regions. They literally advertise with it. Routing you over other regions which could possibly be locked like Netherlands or Korea or Russia is what get you banned.

I’ll go over this one more time to help you guys understand. A VPN hides your IP address, a Proxy Service does not. VPN’s are not allowed on EAC and will result in a ban, ExitLag is officially supported by EAC.

Waiting for someone with knowledge on Amazons stance on ExitLag.

This is not even remotely something that anyone experienced on the topic would include in a differentiation between a VPN and a proxy server, and is just, depending on the specific nature of the proxy in question, objectively untrue.

Per Roxx any VPN (to mask IP, location, etc) can result in a ban due to being against TOS.

Do I agree or like this? No. I think this is just bad, requires a rework. Many people need VPNs for various reasons that are not illicit.

Reminder: EAC (Easy-Anti Cheat) is an intrusive, cheap, and poorly done anti-cheat system that Auto-Bans for various things. It also scans and taxes your system in the background. EAC will Auto-Ban you if it detects other programs running on your computer. (e.g. you CANNOT run Black Desert Online and Lost Ark (NA/EU) at the same time.)

I mean come on, just don’t say in area chat “lmao i shouldn’t be playing this, i’m using vpn” and you will never get banned. go for it