ExitLag Program

Because the last time a thread like this popped up EL IP got blocked and I had to deal with shit ping because we dont have fiber here.
You don’t use it so why do you care and why are you here spouting nonsense? Leave the thread.

then ExitLag was not the issue for you.
please contact your isp provider or consider changing it
unless you are from a restricted region, then please stay quiet about it

Amazon whitelisted ExitLag
CM Roxx confirmed it
Unless you play from a restricted region, it is safe and legal to use
please refrain from spreading misinormation.


What the CM said was not what the dev was doing last time.

Please refrain from spreading misinormation and please stop licking that’s a boot not a lollipop.

Just admit you were wrong and move on rather than dig the hole deeper.

ExitLag is a-ok to use


see, they confirmed again that its ok to use
now apologize

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Are other VPNs against the Code of Conduct? So should we avoid using them?

Apologize for what last month they literally said that and EL still got IP blocked for a few days. I’ll just wait and see for a few months if that ever happen again.

apologize now for being wrong
and in few months when you’re wrong agian

You were literally wrong so apologize to me first.

I apologize you were IP blocked using Exitlag after it was whitelisted because you were playing from a restricted region
now your turn

No you were slandering me and you just slandered me again for saying Germany where I live is a restricted region. So now you have to apologize to me twice, for that exact reason.
Plus you continue to stay in this topic despite never using the software, which mean you know nothing about it and are providing false information, so apologize to everyone here a third time.
I would have blocked you long ago if this forum even has that function rofl.

there is a block function, i’ve used it and blocked you long ago :3
you’re assuming i don’t use the software
people from Germany were never IP blocked whether they used Exitlag or not
anyways you were proven wrong and Exitlag is a safe subject to discuss and a safe software to use to play lost ark
good night suru

You were proven wrong again and again including this time. People in Germany were never IP blocked but using EL here was, even after their confirmation last time.
If I turn EL on and can’t access the server, but can when it was turned off, that mean it was IP blocked.
Also the block function certainly doesn’t work because if it does you wouldn’t be able to read my post now and I wouldn’t have to read your nonsense.
Good night and hope we never meet again. Stop replying.

click my avatar then click again to go to my profile
under message there is there a button that says “normal”
change it to ignored
you’re very bossy oh my

I did thank you.
You said good night so go to sleep.

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yes mommy <3

Again this will not be the case. ExitLag was included in the blanket VPN Ban PRIOR to their white listing by amazon. Why would they block someone that they have officially and publicly white listed? :thinking:


They wont. You are just being paranoid.

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exactly, thank you very much
they’re just bratty :3