Expectedly Disappointed.... Regarding Bots

I know it’s early, but AGS… So far… I’ve run through the starter zones and checked out the Lakebar fishing spot and visited the major cities. I think, good job! I’ll pessimistically wait to see if it holds up.

I do see some spammers, but the bot population is significantly less than it was. Can you identify what’s missing from the below?

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AGS you failed.

Not only did you inconvenience legitimate players, you accomplished nothing in doing so.


Yep, huge rip.

They are beyond ridiculous at this point.

2FA needs to be next?

I am glad people keep echoing. Hopefully it is under consideration. Although, one thing to think about is that steam already has 2fa for logging in to the store, right? This would need to be something in game, but would it even be effective if the steam 2fa is not?

I’m all for 2FA.

I’m also for Amazon taking some of that money we’ve paid them and hiring someone to deal with the problem until an automated solution is found. A 10-year-old kid can spot these bots correctly 10 out of 10 times. I’m sure AGS can afford to handle this problem.

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I believe Steam 2FA is optional and can be completely bypassed.

Whatever they did had 0 impact on bots, I still see the same horde running around in all the Tiers now. Chaos Dungeons are almost always filled with 1 or 2 bots now.

you’re not fooling anyone by trying to blend in shaz…BOT…420

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You clearly haven’t looked at prices on the market recently, or any RMT websites. Gold is worth significantly more now because RMT prices have become significantly more expensive as a result of their recent policy changes. Has it prevented botting 100%? No, and you should never expect it to.

It was obviously never going to completely stop bots, just slow them down and inconvenience them a bit which is a huge step.

2FA won’t solve anything. Botters will just need to need to perform one extra step before they log in.

You do realise the patch was meant to make things harder (RMT etc) for bot users and there was no means to block them from playing. (Since it’s almost impossible)

You do realize they have failed to reach their stated goal: “Our goal is for players to always enjoy their time in Lost Ark , safe from users engaging in fraudulent purchases or the negative impact bots have on both the economy and player experience.

I’ll let AGS speak for themselves and providing them feedback that shows them they still haven’t hit it, is not only acceptable it is expected.