Experience of Valtan run without Crystalline Aura

I just wondering ppl doesn’t have Crystalline Aura how you guys manage to repair and take more pots out from storage in side of dungeon etc? Do you guys just stop the raid and repair in town then start again?

Bigger question is, can you even play without crystalline? Is it worth?

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It’s pretty mandatory for NA/EU version as pet features are tied to it. Other regions have separate crystalline aura and pet features. F2P players in other versions can just do fine without the aura since they can just earn blue crystals in the game and pay for the pet feature

Never bothered even using any of the free auras they gave out so far.
None of the effects’re to my liking but i can see how being able to repair in dungeons would be helpful for people who constantly wipe ~

I never play with a pure F2P player before, So even a F2P player does have Crystalline Aura right? does anyone playing without Crystalline Aura? Just incase if some point I have to group up with random ppl from party finder. I should check every does have it.

Imagine Valtan is a wipe machine. You need constant repair from that.

you just buy 420 blue crystals as f2p and buy the aura.


If you’re puging, the grp will disband long before ur armor goes red.
Just repair before going in and ull be fine for most cases ~

Huh? Are trolling? 2 bifrosts? Pet storage? Mobile repair? How is none of that to ”your liking”? Lmao


Weak bait but if you’re serious about considering any of those mandatory and not purely qol stuff that’s fine.
You can enjoy the game on your own terms.

5 bifrosts / char is overkill imo.
Don’t need 24/7 access to my random cooking mats/ engraving books.
Just take a minute to set up auto dismantle and fuse.
Mobile repair?
Just get good and don’t die lol.

I’m not saying any of this is mandatory, I was just seriously wondering how, assuming you would somehow get these benefits, would they ”not be to your liking”. And also, maybe we the things we do ingame differs a lot then since I constantly use the storage, as I like to keep all my stuff organized and not randomly in individual inventories of alts. Repair, it’s more of a QoL yes, but also 5 bifrost is insane time save/convenience in comparison to 3 for example.


except when a SINGLE person (Not you if you actually “Got good”) causes a wipe dessimating your durability. the problem with your assessment is with legion raids, in a lot of cases, if even a single person messes up the game doesnt give a shit if you played perfectly and will still wipe everyone all the same

In a perfect world if everyone played perfectly sure, youd be spot on, but that is not, and never will be reality

I’ve not used aura and have had no problems. Groups disband before armor breaks. I imagine if Valtan wipes people that much that the bigger problem is going to be going through hundreds of battle items in a week.

Thinking that your gear’s durability only goes down when your char die, lol.


You kinda don’t and cause a massive inconvenience to other party members.

One is an easy fix. You should always keep pot chests on every char. Not storage.

Second one is bad. The repair issue. Your gear breaks you just wiped the raid.
This was more of a first wave of players thing though. Most don’t have patience now.

??? And we can’t buy aura with blue crystals?

At current gold prices in NA (700 gold each, 5 sets of 95 crystals is needed=475 crystals) that is approximately 3,500 gold for one week of aura. As a f2p player that’s a lot unless you are doing raids on alts and not honing on them…

I played without the aura at first and I can definitely say with how many unstackable same item with different name crap is in the game and about the hundred engraving books I have worth only one gold and don’t sell for that even and the mass amount of crappy cards I don’t want to spend crystals to expand my card storage and the bound unbound boxes crates chests that all break into smaller containers that are also bound/unbound piles taking up so much inventory/bank space on my First character I started expanding my bank storage and even made an alt to hold some of this junk like my cards/rapport selection/adventure tome ingredients. I got sick and tired of having so much junk I got my aura moved stuff to pet storage rearanged all my banks on both characters so I could store useful things in the universal storage Incase I actually play my alt here and there. I have amassed a lot of T1 T2 tradable mats from islands that I didn’t use on my main and have put into storage as well. I have entered events multiple times not knowing I should bring a specific grenade or seeing my armor/weapon was damaged beforehand sooo frustrating for legit no reason. Bifrosts are the only way you can convince me to do the crappy rapport or daily systems… maybe once I have all the worthwhile dailies done I won’t care as much about the aura anymore as I truly cant be asked to do rapport other than for maybe for a giant heart or an O-star. I don’t foresee myself doing much in Lost Ark other than the raids once the auras they gave us run out as Alts are not how I typically play especially if it’s repeating the same content NO THANKS.

No you probably can’t. This is just a hidden fee you have to pay. The only positive thing about it is that you have flexibility (days, months, years).

3500 for A MONTH not a week, one character at 1370 earns that much in 2-3 days