Experience of Valtan run without Crystalline Aura

its 1 month not 1 week

Is this a joke?

Surely you are that dude who ask for restart/quit after a couple of wipes.

If you are able to access Valtan on day one you should have the know-how to make the gold required for Aura every month. Yes, even with current inflated gold prices.

I was worried that ags might feel forced to p2w the aura up since it seemed so meh xD
Apparently not tough since the community’s poging around the block for it.
Happy you guys’re finding value in it even if i don’t see it ~

Thats a month of aura not a week buddy

The game is pay to win, are people still confused about it? You can get around it by converting some of your gold into crystals, if you are doing Valtan is 3500 gold a month really a bridge too far? You will get that just from doing Una’s for one week.

I think if you don’t like any ptw elements or mechanisms which encourage you to swipe then log out now and uninstall and save yourself some angst. Otherwise just convert some gold into crystals and be thankful you can get it in-game.

You can craft or purchase a mobile repair station with a use.

You can very well do without the aura. Not saying it’s not useful, but i’m starting doing without. All my 7 characters are T3 and currently running the same una’s requiring x2 bifrosts, aka, 2 very quick feiton una’s (wailing swamp, nameless valley) + Frozen sea one, that’s 2 bifrosts, + each character is binded to a different city/continent with song of return and i usually leave them idling there, to grab these precious cards or legendary rapport items from vendors when i get an alert.
For repairing, i’m crafting some repair shop portals. And yea better to check you are prepared for a raid in pugs, having these battle items and potions chest at disposal in your inventory before going in.

Well if you can teleport to your stronghold…you always have access to the storage.

Only really a problem in dungeons etc. Same with repair.

Keep the boxes from fever time on your inventory and you can just open 1 if you need something. I’ve got like 20 on my main and the rest in roster.

The bifrost the best part if you doing a bunch of content over the map it’s worth it.

But yeah the bonuses aren’t great in my opinion. I stopped buying them. But I don’t do top tier content either so it was an easy decision.