Explain to me this kick?

I was kicked on kungelanium raid fight over corrosive nad like WHAT?! This is easy fast fight why waste gold for corrosive which i had none at the time. I thought this was a joke at first. Im 1480 artillerist with build that includes weak points (just for this boss) ill break that shell solo np. they should not be able to kick me when i didn’t do anything but attack the boss. This is an abuse of the kick button. If they had a plan for this boss they should have informed me and maybe i would have got some real quick.

Guess I wasn’t very clear this was a MATCH MAKE game with random players, at start no request was made for me to have corr on me which i didn’t have any on me but if i was asked i wouldn’t have an issue getting real quick. but they wait till we fighting then demand corr that’s BS. The toxicity of these replies make me feel like im playing League of legends


Cause people are toxic


They kicked you because of solidarity in item use, if p1 used flare everyone else should use their assigned items for it to be fair, like if p1 wasted an item and that other dude didn’t he feels cheated etc.

They shouldn’t kick you, tho, they have to kill Kunga with HP for 4 players with only 3 players.


What really sucks is i was one of those people who would report bots and im punished for it by not being able to report i guess the cap for reporting players to 100 WOW what a joke cause they said to report bots.

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The cap is for blocking, reports go through regardless.

This is abusing the warning system. Report them and move on. Also censor the names so they dont take action against you here on the forums.

Uncheck the “ignore” box in the report window or goto your ignore list and clear the list. Either way your report will go through. You can also use the link above and include the screenshot.


Did you MM or joined in Party Finder?

If you MM, no rules most of the time. If you Party Find, make sure you have the required item for the raid or you’ll meet this kind of peeps.

I personally MM and only look at the boss like im soloing it.

thanks for the heads up on blocking names i didn’t know that

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match maker

Report them and MM a new one.

Dont let these toxic people ruin your day.

Just create your own party in party finder with title “no battle item lover”


Report them for ban please.

Now we moved to the next level of toxicity. Not only are you supposed to use items, you now must obey what TYPE of item these toxic karens want you to use.

Please report them non stop, hell give me their names on PM and my entire guild will report them.


Looks like you got kicked for not being a team player. I don’t see any abuse of the feature lol. :joy:


I mean 3 people have to vote to warn then vote to kick you… I mean they clearly dont want to play with you ? why not just go next

Why is it unfair to you ? this make no sense


you realize the system is there only to help cooperation and encourage to become work as a team right? For example now we know why it failed to break valtan’s armor, why it failed stagger check of vykas and so on so the “team” can adjust tactics to make it work

Ever since this godly QoL patch has arrived, all these leeches lurking in shadows has been outed to everyone.

Now they are mad and complaining about “why can’t I just leech off of other people? this patch is toxic”

why should they waste time for you which they might have had not enough at the time

It’s just a warning and a kick, not some kind of report or few days ban. People don’t want to waste extra time with you in the group and you should know that. If YOU are here to argue that YOU wasted YOUR time by being kicked, why didn’t you save teams’ time by using the items as intended.

You wont make ur own group of no item users since u KNOW it will take longer time and invite other leeches and you cant clear with 4 of u. U can even solo it but u wont for same reason.

it blows my mind


The real leeches are the ones who kick someone after they have used items and/or done damage to the guardian.

They get the benefits of that person’s contribution and still kick them out so they can’t get rewards.

It’s abuse of the system and pathetic.

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Use the proper channels and report each one of them if you were using the match making option.

If you used party finder and the item usage was stated, that would be on you.

Report all 3 of them and don’t bow down to these annoying narcissists.

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but the OP isn’t saying he used items but they kicked him right after. he is saying “people warned me and kicked me from group for not choosing to use any item”

in fact I’ve never seen those kind of people anywhere in the forum, stop making a fake scenario to justify a leech

the OP said he can break the shell alone no problem if thats the case just go alone ohh wait bet OP wont cause no one will flare or phero for him OP even said the fight is fast and easy

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Regardless of how you feel about it that is not what that system exists for. It was implemented to remove AFKers and actual griefers. Abusing the warning system like this is actually a code of conduct violation and could potentially lead to suspensions. Those items will save maybe ~2 minutes? Not really worth all the drama… and honestly this behavior is horrible for the community. If this continues they will probably either revert this update or completely remove the warning system from guardian raids to prevent further abuse.