Explain to me this kick?

Don’t assume anything. There are clearly a good number of players who do not know these rules and kicking them without explanation like this is not going to improve the situation. In most of these cases its pretty clear that the initiators are just being petty or they would take the time to explain.

Tale as old as time. If I have to do something so do you. Because its fair right? Is it fair then to kick that player when they have no knowledge of this “Rule” which is mentioned literally no wheres in the game at any point?

Again I would say that so long as they have made it clear what is expected and were met with toxicity in response warning/kicking would be acceptable. But if that player is contributing damage/using pots and not being toxic - no I do not think it is acceptable to kick them. You can let them know that they should bring those items in the future. People will be far more receptive if they are not being forced at the point of a gun. If you want to normalize this, kicking people without explanation is the wrong way to go about it.

I mean its general etiquette not a mandatory rule set. You could say that it is rude to not use certain items but kicking people over it is going a step too far.


What should others’ do about one’s rude behaviour? suck it up and just play?
imho, kicking someone is the least what one can do for one’s rudeness in this game


Maybe that’ll teach you to use battle items next time.

or just cheap out on them and cry on forums again, idk.


What? He refused to cooperate in a group setting by being selfish and they are somehow ABUSING the system by kicking him???

Game teaches you from your FIRST GUARDIAN FIGHT, to use the battle items when fighting guardians. This is what THE GAME TELLS YOU TO DO. If everyone in the group agrees on using items, and you are the only selfish one that doesn’t want to use even the free items the game gave you, you should absolutely be kicked. Go and solo the boss if you don’t want to cooperate with the group of people.


Don’t join groups of people if you don’t want to cooperate with them. If you can break Kunga’s shell solo, then go ahead and do the raid alone, and don’t waste other people’s time.

I would kick you instantly as well.

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It’s not about “imposing rules”, it’s about working with your teammates and valuing your own time.

You don’t want to communicate and contribute in a team exercise you signed up for, fine, but then don’t complain when others don’t want to put up with it. MM Raids aren’t a single player experience that can be bent to your whims.

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Im 1480 artillerist with build that includes weak points (just for this boss) ill break that shell solo np.

If it isn’t breaking instantaneously then that would be why. Even if you can solo break it, if you can’t solo break it with one skill, then there is a need for corrosive because it increases the weak point for everyone so you get to breaking that shell faster and doing actual damage faster. I agree that if you MM all bets are off so they really shouldn’t have been expecting anything of you but I wanted to explain why (should you decide to party finder) the corrosive is expected for fairness of battle items used as well as the actual purpose of that item in particular.

These standards are normalized in our version. Look no farther than kung pf being 20+ parties at most times of day and kung MM now starting to kick people who grief the party by not using an appropriate item. It’s directly compatible with AGS’ rules.

The reason most people do this is not to exert control or shame others. It is to work together to achieve a common goal. It is to set a fair standard of what contributing means. People who refuse to use battle items are looking to take advantage of others.

This is why people are willing to kick people who don’t use battle items or leave and join a group that will. It’s not raw “clear as fast as possible” efficiency but instead efficiency in working together and reasonable contribution.

Not throwing a battle item on kung is the same as afking for some portion of the fight.


If they wanted items to be used then make a party dont pull that crap in match making


IT was MATCH MAKING read chat before talking plz


When you join a MM group you shouldn’t be forced to use what they want you to use i didn’t have these at the time and wasn’t told to get. We engaged in fight then they demanded i use corr there was no heads up


people who refuse to use battle items are toxic, and they deserve the kick
I just wish more people would kick


Dude “non battle item usage peeps” sound like flat eartheners. So yeah, they gonna keep getting kicked and they are going to make similar posts.

To the OP: Ok I get it, you didn’t know and didn’t expect it so it’s normal to be little upset. Now you know, so next time just use the nade and you done faster and smoother.

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When did item usage become the standard for contribution toward a fight?

I’d argue that doing over half the damage in a guardian raid is far more contribution than a corrosive or destruction bomb.

Depending on the group cruel fighter could be more contribution than a flare and phero.

This isn’t an unlikely scenario either considering ice turtle is the highest guardian raids go at the moment for the western version.

I’ve been in a turtle fight with a 1540-ish player who did like 63%+ damage. Still my fastest clear to date.

They didn’t use a single item, clear was buttery smooth though.

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The posts you quoted don’t even support the claim you’re making LOL…

Literally, none of these are met for kicking players out of the party. If you notice in the OP’s screenshot they even asked for the item to be used and warned after the refusal. There is nothing in the ToS that states you can be banned for kicking players who are unwilling to cooperate. Cut the bull shit. :joy: :clown_face:


Did you read the rest of the code of conduct or just stop at the parts that don’t address the issue?

Did you? Would love to see your proposed argument, I notice it was missing. :joy:

Did you read this part?

I did and nothing in that section states it is abuse to kick players from your party for failing to contribute.

So battle items are the only contribution?