Explanation on some of the current Topics @Roxx


first of all, Happy New Year, hope you had some stress relief days @Roxx .

Now as January has hit, you may have seen, that the majority of the active board users are not happy with the current roadmap, and many other topics.

I think, that maybe the mood around here gets a bit better, if we may get some explanations on why AGS choosed this path.

I dont want to rant or sth, only want to get to know, what was the idea behind some of those decissions.


  1. Why did AGS think that its a good idea to have the Witcher Collab without the chance of releasing all available Skins already existing in Database?

  2. What is the idea behind the release of Artist in April? (As players have seen, TW LA gets it after 1 month.

  3. What is the actual idea what causes the still occuring DC´s, EAC´s and Client freezes/closes? Does your team has some ideas what causes these?

  4. What are your community goals for 2023? Maybe you can also write an Article about a recap of 2022, commenting on issuse and how you solved these, maybe here you can also give us details on why some decissions were made. (For exp: Argos release, Pheon Gate, slow or very little communication)

  5. What are the current problems within the game, AGS is working on, maybe you can give us a ranking, so that we can see what is actually done?

It would really be nice from the community to keep this Thread as clean as possible. I dont want to taunt @Roxx , I only want to understand some of the decissions that were made.

I really hope that @Roxx can/is allowed to answer some of these questions.



I would like @Roxx to comment on Westernisation and Censorship as well.

The changes in these areas have alienated large amounts of players, almost nobody is asking for or supporting (see poll below Artists picture) any of these types of changes, it doesn’t seem to appeal to a wider demographic as only a small group of players support these changes and others just quit over them in droves, and most importantly: it is taking away from the authenticity of the game.

Point 1 about the witcher thing is really frustrating as well. Artists witcher outfit is especially cute, considering that event will never come back once it’s gone. It’s pretty BS.


Poll on Westernisation
More people are genuinely against Westernisation than for it.
More people care for westernisation (either for or against), than don’t care.

1592 total votes:
17.1% For westernization.
34.8% Against Westernisation.
48.1% Don’t care.

51.9% Care about westernization and either are for or against. Double the amount of people are against it.

Post Traffic:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/zyf36l/poll_on_westernisation_of_the_game/

Note: Poll for westernisation is still on going.

Poll on Roadmap 2023

3217 Total votes:
5.8% Think it’s good.
21.9% Think it’s okay (in-between, not good, but not bad).
58.7% Think it’s bad.
13.5% Are not bothered (don’t care).

A clear majority here think the roadmap is bad, and there is a multitude of reasons for that. These reasons can be found in sources I’ve provided below in the source section.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/zryhit/poll_on_2023_roadmap/
Post Traffic:

Other sources, some of these are about Artist release cadance, some about SH form colouring (Westernisation), some about censorship, some about the roadmap.

Let's hear from those that don't support Artist's censorship
Petition to give us the same Demonic Shadowhunter as other servers!
Don't dismiss the outrage
Censorship is wrong!
Why the black Shadowhunter?
Stop "Westernizing" and start Localizing

Roadmap (the latest 2023-part 1 roadmap):


Today is still a holiday, come back tomorrow

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Its not. At least not in the EU.

Today is still a holiday, come back in 4 months

FTFY lmao


Since Jan 1 landed on a weekend, US has today as an observed holiday.

Too many adventurers are using this service, please complain again later. :rofl:


Pls keep this topic clean of Off Topic spam.

Only if we can keep this clean, we can get answer to the questions. If you use this for spamming and taunting, we will reach nothing.


I’m not worried. Just like with other problems, they will discuss your concerns with the team and never address the issues in a meaningful way! As is tradition!


Im interested in the response for AGS

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those are really good questions, i hope AGS responds they really need to make a Q&A session with the community they have been really quiet for a while. One question im hoping they will answer is why bring out artist during brel hard release on april when they said new class every 2 months. I would be surprised if they release female zerk February and keep it a surprise they did say “release other class before they release specialists” and female zerk is warrior class maybe i am inhailing to much copium.

So much effort put into a post only to just insult the people you’re trying to communicate with (AGS, the CMs). Why bother with all the effort? They’re going to just ignore your post because you had to throw in the insults/memes in there.

Didn’t need the because or what followed. As you’ve seen already, they’re simply going to ignore all posts… “Communication” isn’t in AGS’ vocabulary…


So then the post was pointless energy for …what exactly?

Or more simply they communicate the bare essentials to give the false belief that we are being heard. And that also includes official surveys.

I’m sure they will avoid answering.

They literally dropped the bomb 2 weeks ago, told us “Merry Christmas”, and run away.


They actually do what they think the best is for us without asking us what we want. They shove it down our throats and we basically just have to accept it

Yeah, I bet a lot of topics will get deleted because of too much off-topic stuff has been talked about. Lets keep this one clean as much as possible or they’ll get the excuse to delete it as well and they’ll turn a blind eye on all the problems that these last decisions have brought up.

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I stopped at the polling, because Reddit (y’know, where anyone can make an account and bots totally aren’t rampant on there) is 100% representative of the whole player base with 100% accurate data and not skewed whatsoever

Like I get you want to prove your point, but I mean come on

This is what happens when a small amount of people try to speak for the entire player base

However I am curious as to how Roxx responds to all of this since there has been a long holiday

I’m curious about some things myself, so we’ll have to see what happens

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Good effort, good post, I applaud. But unfortunately they don’t care about us and at the same time I don’t care about them either anymore. I lost my faith in AGS and I consider it a bad publisher that mutilated and butchered a game that I looked forward playing for a lot of time…


Internet points. These people aren’t genuine when they create these kinds of posts. They just want a pat on the back from fellow sympathizers.