Exploit? I think so

This has been resolved.

they actually did fix that rapport bug some time back i would have to find the exact patch but it is fixed

Its not fixed.
They are still doing in on our server (I checked it out today)
As well as the Chaos Dungeon.
Def not fixed on our server as well.
And by I checked it out today I mean I went to the known areas and watched the spamming happen.

rapport is already fixed for quite some time now

When the game backs up, I will once again record the rapport spamming and chaos dungeon spamming.
Trust me when I tell you, it is not fixed.
They may have put a band aid on it, but someone somewhere has found a way around it, and it is still happening.
The “fix” was May 4th, I posted a YouTube video on May 16th showing the bot problem still existing even with rapport (and it wasn’t even in full swing like it is now)
I planned on doing a follow up vid on it anyhow so its perfect timing (once the game is back up)

im unsure what you mean by chaos spamming infinate chaos isnt a bug its a feature

This is what I mean

the t3 merchant was also patched to bound last week

The Rapport exploit has been fixed, no idea what you are looking at to think it is still there.

Care to explain your reasoning step by step on why you think the rapport exploit still exists?

That isn’t what we are talking about (that is just the exchange and vendor) that was fixed.

  • Chaos Dungeon exchange vendor rewards have been adjusted to be character bound. Shards earned from Chaos Dungeons are Roster bound, so players can share them with other characters on their Roster in order to redeem rewards from the exchange on alternate characters.

That doesn’t count for the mats that are tradeable on their 2 runs.
And THAT is what is still being spammed.

because infinite chaos isn’t a bug its a feature, unbound mats from aura runs isnt a bug its a feature

They are still farming the Chaos Dungeons, because the stones are still tradeable. Even after their initial 2 runs per day.

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Exactly how do you expect them to “fix” that?

Make the materials you get from your daily runs untradable? That’s literally the major source of tradable materials lol

Hahahahahaha, of coarse not.
No need to be so coy and snide.
They need to fix the bot problem.
And please don’t tell me they cant or they have, because both answers would be wrong.
They can, and IF they have, they need to burn the gas light a little hotter because on my server it has tripled in the last month.

You have yet to explain to me and others why you think the Rapport exploit still exists, why do you think this? What is the reason behind this belief?

except for it has nothing to do with rapport yes or no being fixed or chaos yes or no working as intended
this is not what the OP was about

if you want to complain about bots that’s fine but do so under and appropriate title and op

Old news. Been fixed. Plz delete this clutter.


I did a lot of infinite chaos runs when I was trying to break through 1370 deadzone and everything that drops during runs with no resonance is bound. Stones, accessories, solars from yellow gate.

Even if you dismantle those accessories, you only get orbs to use for accessories in infinite chaos shop. Nothing was unbound except the stuff you bought at the shop. But that’s also bound now.

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