Explosive Expert engraving

Can you explain it a little bit more why is it not that useful?

Bard has good stagger, but on a paladin VPH won’t make a difference, like ever.

I get around 10% party stagger in 8 man raids and I even have both legendary overwhelms. Is it worth wasting swiftness and an engraving slot for VPH? To get extra 3% stagger accross the raid? Most definitely not.

If you want VPH via accessories, you’ll have a really hard time finding high quality ones and it’s not worth losing even 50 swiftness total for it.

If you get it with +12 in slot which is cheap, then you have to buy ridiculously expensive combos with two of the three mandatory engravings which have a huge cost.

It’s a troll ofc

i can explain!

Look, currently the only class that could even use this engraving would be support.

So let’s get to the points

1 - Currently the support encores are: Awakening, class, expert, drops of ether, vital point and in the six slot (if you have ancient acessories) you run heavy armor 1 or 2 (in bard or artist) and judgment or heavy armor in paladin.

Wath vital point?

To get a basic idea, no stagger in the game is designed for the need for bombs. Yea! It’s not supposed to be necessary, however, in order not to be necessary, all classes need to have their entire stagger rotation. That is, nobody has. So in a larger stagger, it is necessary to use bomb.

But to illustrate better, when you use vital point on a bard, you can give up some tripod or some high stagger skill, and put something more useful or even just have more stagger and give up using bomb just to have another bomb for personal use (dark grenade) for example.

2 I saw a comment saying “but you can take more dark support grenade” Indeed you can! However, each dark grenade lasts about 20 seconds, and it only takes 1 person to throw it. If 4 people take dark grenade, that means we have 4 minutes of dark grenade. That’s enough for almost every fight, and any more would just be despair or waste.

In summary: explosive expert is useless, although there may be someone who will say that it is useful, we still don’t have a NEED to use it. Just like, nowadays, supports don’t need heavy armor before reaching 6 engravings (but it can be used).

I was asking about why is not useful in terms of GvG.

Im pretty sure I understand how engraving works in terms of PVE.

But thank tho.

Oh, it’s simpler. In GvG the ideal is you don’t waste time using throwing consumables. It loses uptime and gets in the way when moving. It’s an even more useless engraving in GvG. GvG has more interesting things, the heavy armor itself ends up becoming an encore for all classes there, or fortitude. Among other things. But in the end, what makes the most difference there is ILV.

It’s not that useful because it has an opportunity cost…if you pick Explosive Expert, you aren’t picking something else. In GvG, any defensive engraving, (of which there are several) would be better than this.

Ok, Im going to exagerate the scenario.

Let’s say its a high end or a pro GvG match. Once you enter the battle field, you wont be able to get back to refill your Battle Items including pots. So, having Explosive Expert engraving is an advantage, Frost and Sleep Grenades are very usefull items. Using these items can easily set up your offensive as well as defensive. But ofcourse, not everyone in your raid will equip this engraving.

It would be useful if the lost ark GvG wasn’t just: spam skills, defensive engravings and high ilv. There never was and never will be a professional match or anything like that, GvG is the most P2W content in the game. Whoever has the most money wins.

Edit: for now you are still seeing players OK, but soon you will see players with 6 engravings, 1575, with 60 people like that.

It is more on how you strategise your stance. Not everybody needed to equip 4 defensive engravings.

I dunno. I had fun playing GvG. This is in my head since then. LoLs!

You do what you do and ill experiment this kind of things… :smiley:

Absolutely, do whatever you think is fun :slight_smile:

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Like what I’ve said. I exagerated the scenario. Its just me thinking that if Battle Items are being utilized along with Explosive Engravings would be interesting to see.

I love to see SMART PLAYS, you know 10000000000000000 IQ.