Express Character Issue information

Devs the comunity already coplain about the lack of information in the patches/ events/in-game but for real it was already 8 hours since last talk of Dev about the issue with the wrong character selection based on u guys setting rewards for t3 as example of the rewards we gonna get. So we can have at least a word from Devs about whats gonna happend?
We should play the character selected and not claim rewards?
If we do something we dont gonna get a reset on selection?
We can Upgrade equipment on selected characters even if we gonna get a change selection?
At least for me i want to know what can i do with the character i selected wrong since i want the event on a good one where it will be usefull.
please dont fall in the same error over and over of saying absolute nothing till 5 minutes before the patch. We have to know what we can do or what we cant do. Also everyone wants to know whats gonna happend. We have to stop playing the character or not?
Please dont come tomorrow saying something like if u played the character or if u did this thing or other thing u cannot change. Would be 100% worst


Have not done this myself but I fully agree people deserve a redo for this one!!! All in for a hot fix shutdown tonight!! Give the people what they want, event has been delayed or with no fix non existent at all which is very sad to see especially to me for how much I love playing this game.