Express does not complete story?

Are you guys for real?
This pass was great opportunity for players to catch up or make a decent alt, but you have to complete all stories manually?

I was 100% sure it completes story after each tier, but many people confirmed that it won’t?
If it don’t skip story and it almost doesn’t save any time… Making T3 alt is easy with honing buffs… You just grind chaos, guardians with rest bonus. 1h each 2-3 days and you are in T3 easy without efforts, but story takes several hours for each part…

Express is a great idea. Rewards are great, but without story completion it is a bit clunky, and make you lose a lot time or gold. Really offputing for players with alts that have a life…

Just use the Feiton pass

It gives me gold that I need to spend on knowledge transfer or become a no life spending 15h making all stories on all alt.

Wait it doesnt skip the story :joy: . Im not complaining but man i fo not want to do that grind again for the 7th time. I thought it did. I dunno why i assumed so. Looks like my newest alt is gonna be chillin for a while. Too much new stuff to do. Thanks for the heads up tho

Story is worst for me :frowning:

It doesn’t take anywhere 15h to play through Rohendel → Punika
Knowledge transfer to Vern and go on about your day, what’s the problem?

skips hones?

Each part is 2-3h depending on your focus.
So Rohendel+Yorn+Feiton+Punika = 8 to 12h. It is a lot.

Not nearly as much as Solas but still a lot…

I noticed the express event do this not the pass though.

I just did it today, yes it skips story. You go to Trixion where you hear about what you did with cut scenes, you have to do about 2 mins of the battle for Luterra Castle & that’s all. Very short, very easy. It completes everything including Feiton & drops you in Feiton when done.

It happens when? When you complete 100% each level?

Are u talking about the feiton pass ? it’s literraly in the name: it skips EVERYTHING till feiton. just click skip prologue once you get out of the boat after trixion.

Hyper Express isn’t intended to skip story, powerpasses are.
Hyper Express is to fasttrack the story.

You use the Feiton Pass & get level 50. It drops you in Feiton with +8 t2 gear. You have to talk to someone in Feiton who asks “are you sure you don’t have any questions”. Then to earn the rewards there are 4 phases like do 2 chaos, harvest 4 guardian souls, do all the 8 man raids, guardians & Una’s. Only way to get the big chest. It you have 2 months to do that.

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Look at the mission rewards you get for completing each level. The last level gives you a ton of stuff.

You are wrong. Korea is full of story express story passes. It is basicly express with story completion.
There is also a hone express and that is what we got.

Yes Korea also has had the game for 3-4 years. You want story skips when the game has been out 2 months? Are you trolling ? You can’t be serious right. The feiton pass already has a skip anyways.

Reruning the story is basicly made for masochists. Same as farming Solas.
You are one of those guys?

What value does grinding 15h of story provide to players?
Clicking G?

Watching what you wrote hurts my eyes lol. Allowing players to have fun instead of mindlessly grinding story for many hours wouldn’t hurt anyone. Game being new doesn’t change a thing, as we already got many powerpasses, and grinders have 5 T3 alts.

I got 3 T3 alts, and I can’t make story anymore. It is painful for everyone that value a time and didn’t buy a gold from goldsellers.

Story Express doesn’t skip you either.
It’s rewards for completing the story, which you lose if you use Knowledge Transfer.

Is it taking you over 12 hours to get a Solas card?